View Full Version : Making a list of all public tracks & locations.

2002.08.23, 10:29 AM
Contribute to the list.

I've already got:

- Toronto Mini-Z Hobby Shop - Toronto, Canada -
- M&M Hobby - Houston, Texas
- Mini-Z's of Tampa - Brandon, Florida
- Go Racing Hobbies - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida -
- Monster Hobbies - Deerfield Beach, Florida -
- "The Pits" - Pompano Beach, Florida -
- SlotCar Unlimited - San Jose, California -
- Conneticut Speedway - Metro Manila, Philippines -
- TP-Racing - Selangor, Malasiya -
- Badet Raceway - Olsow, Norway
- "Mini-Z" Pay-per-play raceways - All over Japan

Please include the name of the track, the location, and a link (if possible)

NOTE: if any of the above tracks are not "public" or "club" tracks, please correct me.

2002.08.23, 10:52 AM
There's also a track directory HERE (http://www.rccaraction.com/rc/info/rctrack_srch.asp)

2002.08.23, 10:56 AM
"Toys for Boys" is in Kennesaw GA, 20 minutes North of Atlanta. Their website is www.tfbraceway.com. It's also a hobby shop and track time is $5 for all day. There's no specialized mini-z track yet, but one is being made. For right now, we run our cars tuesday nights on the big track, and sometimes set up smaller courses with corner markers on one part of the track.

2002.08.23, 11:07 AM
Thanks russ :-) that's exactly the kind of stuff I need.

I'm basically adding a large track list to my review... to try to convince more people that there is interest in their area, or near their area.

2002.08.23, 06:23 PM
ScottMcLeod, good idea, we can also use this to update the old Clubs and Tracks page...

2002.08.23, 08:25 PM
Keep sending them to me. i'm going to have a massive list of tracks by the end.