View Full Version : June 10th 2018 / Racing @ PN

2018.06.02, 06:56 PM
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2018.09.11, 05:26 PM
Way overdue Race Report all the way back from june 10th :p

Big Thanks to Lancaster drivers making the trek to this race & making running all classes possible
Lighter total turn out of 11 racers compared to last months 15 at Skyhunter Hobby but the level of competition in Super stock is getting deeper fast with Paul bringing it with new found consistency / speed & Lukas coming out of retirement to show he can always hang near the top, the only other racer who did 36 laps during any run :sneaky: Cae was having issues with his car but his multiple fast laps in 7.8's remained untouchable and hinted to whats to come.

Can't wait till a future race-event when CL, Opi among others will be on the track, then we'll be really cooking...this time around it was a bummer my motor gave out mid 2nd A-main but really fun & revealing Q1,Q2 & A1 runs.
Cant say enough how cool it is after all these years to again run classic stock class with Nimh albeit with 3500 which made it even more engaging.

Below are Overall Results after Triple A's for all 3 classes / SS & Stock are divided to A & B sorts.: