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2002.08.23, 05:41 PM

2002.08.23, 07:50 PM
Was it from the product, or the PRICES? Last time I checked, they were charging $300 for a regular Mini-Z! :eek: :confused:

2002.08.23, 09:24 PM
Their cars are like $249.95 Canadian. That works out to about $160 USD.

The tracks look pretty cool, but I think I'd have the same amount of fun using PVC pipe (or keyboard boxes!!)

2002.08.23, 09:40 PM
Oh, they used to be $300 each, and the track pieces are some insane amount each too. I think it's a great idea, but far too pricey.

2002.08.23, 09:57 PM
Hmmmm, I was wondering why there was no listed prices and only 'contact us for more info' links all over.

Oh well, it's still pretty damned impressive to see.

2002.08.23, 10:17 PM
When I checked out heir prices the rack was $300 for an oval a total of about 18' length and 11 3/4" wide. A little spendy for me. Looks cool though. If you had a couple of grand to blow you could get a pretty nice track.

2002.08.23, 10:24 PM
You guys have to remember who their target audience for the commercial version is...Companies.

Companies don't mind paying a premium because they can write it off as expenses.

Let's wait and see what they have to offer on the consumer side before jumping on them...Though I do agree that the car prices are stupid high, but again...They're targetting companies.

2002.08.23, 10:26 PM
those prices were for the cosumer set

2002.08.23, 10:35 PM

Did you get an email from them? Because the only 2 bits of information on their site about the Consumer version was...

"The Consumer Couch Racing® System is now available.
Pictures and pricing will be posted at a later date."


"Consumer Starter Set prices expected to be under $150 (Cdn. Funds)."

The site is definitely confusing to navigate, I think you were looking at one of their commercial starter kits.

2002.08.23, 10:41 PM
Namuna, this product was first discussed here maybe 6-8 months ago. I think the info that some of us are posting is based on the discussions and available info from back then, hence the differences in opinions. The general thought was that it was way overpriced and that the lanes were too small for it to be of any use. Excellent idea, but useless execution. Some of the pricing etc. may have changed since then, however.

2002.08.24, 12:11 AM
When the track page was first put up, they had prices... i complained in email obviously so did others... they emailed me first to spam the stie so I can complain ;) --- the price I remember was about (after converting to US) 30$ for some small filler pieces, 40 for a straight and about 45$ US for the start finish line sign, no track just the sign...

The starter set wich was a 2 lane oval... very small... was about $60,000 CAN, included 2 or maybe it was 4 mini-z.

So feel free to flip the shorts over and soil the other side....

2002.08.24, 10:49 AM
Actually when I saw the post I went to the web site and called them. They sent me a full price list. Here you go.

Thankyou for the E-mail

If you want hours of endless fun building small oval racing tracks to
super highways our Consumer Couchracing system is for you.

Our Consumer couchracing track has the following Super ADVANTAGES:

1. Each piece is coated with our special traction coating
2. Easy to assemble and take apart
3. Any design is possible
4. Multi-level designs

At this time our pictures for the Consumer couchracing set are not
complete, however if you look at the commercial set the difference is:

- the consumer set has grey shoulders and a black traction coating with
no lines.
- also there are no levelers it sits flat on the floor.

If you click Couch Racing Orders
Click Comercial orders

This will bring you to Starter sets or track components to compare what
you are ordering.

Consumer couchracing price list;

2 lane starter set $ 299 US
1-2 lane starter sign c-s2
6- 30" straight sections c-01
8-24" interlocking curves c-03
9- 96" flexible fence c-f
56- lower rail supports c-L1
10-flags c-flag
2- car ramps c-ramp

Each couchracing system is made for endless hours of building and
racing fun.

Individual Ordering of Track Components for the Consumer couchracing
system ( click commercial track components)

Interlocking curves
48" (c-05) $ 19.95 us
36" (c-04) $16.89 us
24" (c-03) $ 11.99 us
12" (c-02) $9.95 us

4way T Intersection
(c-12) $14.49 us

3way T Intersection
(c-13) $14.49 us

2 lane- 4way Intersection
(c-14) $12.95 us

4lane- 4way Intersection
(c-15) $16.99 us

30" straight
(c-01) $ 12.95 us

Filler pieces
2" filler (c-11-2) $ 3.99 us
3"filler (c-11-3) $ 4.49 us
4" filler (c-11-4) $ 4.95 us
10" filler (c-11-10) $ 7.99 us
16" filler (c-11-16) $ 9.95 us

Start signs
2 lane (c-s2) $19.95 us
4 lane (c-s4) $23.49 us
6 lane (c-s6) $26.99 us

(c-16) $ 15.95 us

30" Potholes
(c-17) $ 19.95 us

Overpass support
(c-09) $ 69.95 us

Jump ramp
( c-ju) $ 9.95 us

1st level (c-p1) 10 per pkg. $ 14.95 us
2nd level (c-p2) 10 per pkg. $ 19.99 us

Car ramps
( c-ramp) $ 6.95 us

( c-flags) 10 per pkg $ 7.95 us

Support Rails
lower (c-L1) $ 1.89 us
upper levels ( c-L2) $ 1.89 us

96" flexible fence
(c-F) $ 2.99 us

42" straight
( c-42) $ 16.49 us

Right lane reducer
(c-08) $ 23.95 us

Left lane reducer
( c-07) $ 23.95 us

Interlocking curves oil slick
48" (c-05sL) $ 19.95 us
36" (c-04sL) $ 16.89 us
24"( c-03sL) $ 11.99 us
12" ( c-02sL) $ 9.95 us

30" staight oil slick
(c-01sL) $ 12.95

** ALL prices F.O.B our shop
** All prices excluding taxes
** Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping

2002.08.24, 11:17 AM
hehe, gotta love canadians trying to make cash off of the americans :-)

2002.08.25, 02:56 PM
i can't friggin see it too much cash!!!!! you can make your own track with levels for way cheaper. why spend all you money just so you can spend hours taking it apart and putting it together....any of you ever have a slot car track(AFX or Tyco)??? that was mad fun until your drunk uncle tripped over it and broke it to pieces right....what do you think will happed to this

2002.08.25, 11:40 PM
Let's see if I can keep track of all my soilings...

Once, when I first saw the pics and thought about all the possibilities. Then again when you guys pointed out the pricing.

Time to change the shorts and move on.

Initial D
2002.09.01, 03:38 PM
I'm sure the track fun factor is just the same as a homemade track but the fact that it's manufactured and looks extremely authentic is the draw. But being a high school student, i am poor as crap and i don't work (yet). It would be really cool if the local hobby shop bought it, (Hobby World), because i don't think anybody has a living room big enough to fit that thing. It reminds me of Gran turismo, all that's missing is the track side scenery which can easily be implemented.

2002.09.04, 01:49 PM
the track is unquestionably very "real" looking and like initial d said, it would be great to see a track like that @ your LHS!!

iwonder if you can copy that same configuration of that track materials yourself for half the price??/ hehe :D :p

Initial D
2002.09.14, 07:02 PM
LHS? i dunno what that it supposed to mean but if it's about high schoold, i go to MVHS, anyway.......once i get rich i'll buy that thing and get a bunch of model train scenery and run Initial D races on it!