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2018.10.17, 12:12 AM
4 MR-03 McLaren F1 GTRs are here to tune for Kyosho Stock and 70 Comp racing. These will be available to anyone who wants to race on a reservation system. If you want one just post a request and you will be on the list. Batteries will be provided along with additional tuning help.

There was some interest from a few of the bike shop customers so this is a way to make an intro to Mini-Z racing super easy for them. EMU and I will be sure to get these sorted out and reinforced for some punishment.

This will be fun, I might have to schedule some driving clinics for newbies too. It couldn't hurt and the tacos will rock.

Kyosho 20 radial rear tire
Kyosho 30 or 40 slick front tire
Aluminum wheel nuts
Front spring - TBD
T-plate - TBD

2018.10.17, 03:04 AM
Oh I love a nice fleet...

While I believe the big macs are a strong body, extra reinforcement would be a good idea.

These cars are going to have the EMUracing and Fast by Faqish blueprint and tuning applications to dial them in for kyosho stock. The goal will to have them as close to the same level of performance to one another, and keep them that way.

Does anyone know whether the big mac can clear an MM2 mount and damper? If so, I think that would be a wise upgrade for the fleet, for durability and driveability reasons.

I might need to setup my own kyosho stock the same as the fleet (at least to dial in the setup).

I think that this body choice is good for beginners, a little sluggish, but consistent, easy to drive and durable.

2018.10.17, 08:22 AM
Hit me up if you want to stock some common parts for the demo/rental fleet.

2018.10.17, 09:26 PM
Hit me up if you want to stock some common parts for the demo/rental fleet.

I have good deep stock for tires but I feel the need to have more consumables on hand just in case. We will be talking soon.

To keep things even and make racers happy, I will allow basic aftermarket disc dampers for bodies that can't fit the MM2 or LM motor mounts. Anyone with the desire to race an 86-90mm Kyosho Stock car will be able to fit disc dampers of choice. 70t motors are OK too, as long as they aren't opened and modified.

I am thinking about replacing the fleet motors with PN BB 70t motors, any thoughts?

2018.10.18, 01:39 PM
I doubt you would get complaints about changing to 70T motors. While I haven't had issue with the stock motor, others have had overheating problems with FHS cars.

Careful with open damper rule, how that gets implemented could lead you down the rabbit hole of other things like motor mounts to fit the dampers.

The simple and quick rule guideline that would be easy to implement is to allow any part from the 'Circuit' parts kit. This includes tires, front springs, T plate and dampers. Then all your looking at to get at buy in is an RTR plus the Circuit pack. From there, replace tires, bearings, springs, T plates with whatever manufacturer you choose as a consumable item.

I keep hearing others talk about breaking stock parts left and right however I've been running my stock car with stock plastic bits for years now with minimal breakage of parts. Maybe one motor pod, a couple knuckles and T plate or two. That's fairly cheap to replace with new plastic bits vs. opening up more aluminum parts pushing you to marginally degraded HFAY rules. For me, the goal was to maintain something that offers enough appreciable difference from HFAY that places the focus more on driver skill development vs. buying upgrades as a pathway to quick improvement. For the more experienced, it's a means and methods to showcase what can be done with a stock platform and offer motivation for those below to improve. This of course is entirely dependent on what your group dynamic is as some groups are primarily focused on speed to the detriment of all else. I would start most restrictive and easiest to implement and tweak from there as your find your happy medium. Always easier to add to than subtract...

2018.10.19, 01:35 PM
I have heard the same about the 70t with these boards so I am still thinking.

Regarding rear dampers, I am thinking a spec damper for 94mm or longer to fit bodies that do work with the LM or MM2 mounts. My leading candidate is the PN multi length disc damper because it is available, not so pricey and if you are like me you already have a few. For 86 and 90mm it would just be the damper that is open. All other parts would have to be stock. There isn't good stock in RM dampers and it is a pretty simple job to mount a disc damper.

The circuit pack is behind the current rules, adding front springs to what we were doing before. Kyosho Stock will stay right where it is, it works well enough and we need a gateway class that other scales of racing simply lack.

Breakage has never been a big problem with stock parts. There is good stock in replacement parts plus most of us have extra everything so from that perspective I don't see it as trouble. Things happen when you put a car on the track... I am not starting an arms race, when someone with only a Kyosho Stock racer wants to go faster and upgrade I will send them to 70 Comp or 90 HFAY. I have 3 chassis to play with so I am planning to have an 86, 94 and a 102mm for different layouts I will see.

I enjoy Kyosho Stock maybe more than any other class, except skinny. It is more a drivers class than any other in my mind. It fosters healthy competition and everyone can trade setup tips and benefit because all the cars are more or less the same underneath. It may not be the best idea for a hobbyshop owner trying to pay the bills but for a club it is awesome.

It is time for me to get the Rules threads going...

2018.10.19, 01:52 PM
I would argue a good stock class is imperative for a retail location as they especially, need an avenue to purchase/participate right away to get new participants in as only a small percentage actually turn into regular participants. If your only venue is a $300-500 platform you've quickly narrowly focused your market dramatically. I also enjoy stock probably the most, or classes that focus more on drivers vs. equipment. HFAY or MOD give you all the room you need to toss exorbitant amounts of money into RC money pits.

There were times we ran spec bodies/rules but over time participation dipped to the point they were no longer viable. Our 86-90mm open class started as a 86mm lotus spec class :p

2018.10.19, 04:18 PM
I think it is neccessary also, Mini-Z stock racing is about all there is out there besides the euro trucks being raced in 1/10 on road. Those trucks are really an add on class because I don't consider them to be good for beginners. They handle in a way that is very different from all the other classes they have and I don't think skills transfer that well. Kyosho Stock should be better at building skills that transfer well to other classes.

Spec body classes are fun and great to watch but they have a high entry cost. I have run spec classes based on body and motor, motor alone, motor and 94mm, and the ones that last are the ones that are fun and let people drive a body that works with their driving style and is also pleasing to the eye.
Some classes lasted only a few weeks and represented lost investment in stuff and valuable time prepping and tuning. Although the cars usually got recycled for use in other classes, I don't want to start classes that will end up being a short run so Murdertown rules will evolve slowly and deliberately. I want the racing to be as fun as the tacos are tasty...

2018.10.19, 07:14 PM
I completely agree that kyosho stock should remain as stock as possible, however, the nature of the class and the mounts available with damper restricts any "fun" bodies that are not compatible with these two mounts.

We have debated whether opening up the damper ruling would take it a step ro far towards pay to win, and I do not think it does. We want to permit a single damper for 98mm that is compatible with the stock MM mount, and I think we would only permit the softest springs in fairness to the MM2 and LM mounts.

I had sourced a 3Racing dps system that was cheap, and offered a wide compatibility range, however the source fell through, and is no longer in business.

RM 86/90 need as much help to get on track and race in the stock class.

Ideally, we want to keep stock as stock as possible, but then we find everyone swapping mounts and bodies to the ones that support the "stock" disc dampers. We want to have people choose their bodies by what they want to drive rather than what they need to choose to be competitive, which would be LM or 94/98 bodies with higher clearance levels in the rear for the MM2.

It is apparent that the nature of RCP does require some rear dampening to have consistent performance, where carpet I didn't fell that box stock warranted a damper in any way even with the stock t-plates.

With all if this said, I have no intentions to change my setup from an MM2 to use a PN damper in stock. I think that the MM2 is arguably one of the best values in mini-z, and even recommend it for 70 comp class racing. With that said, there are configurations that just don't support the mount due to clearance, and it would be nice to see those bodies on track.

I'm weird, and like to change my body every few races for variety. I often prefer to choose a less competitive body, and work out the setup to make it fun.

Right now, my approach to racing has become increasingly more minimalist in option parts, and why I really enjoy the kyosho stock class.

The class structure at action, we added 70t narrow class to get those less competitive narrow track width cars on track... similar with skinny at cruizin. After spending a little development time, and working out the setups, it's a smaller window for setup, but surprisingly close to the same performance threshold of the more open rule base.

The beauty of mini-z, is that with a little work, you can make even the least competitive bodies relatively competitive, which increases the variety of cars that you see on track. In the end, racing mini-zis less about winning trophies and more about enjoying your time on track.

2018.10.20, 07:21 PM
Nice read, pass the popcorn pls.... :)

2018.10.20, 08:02 PM
I want the racing to be as fun as the tacos are tasty...

Thatís a high bar to set ;). Some tasty tacos..

2018.10.20, 08:23 PM
This class will only see evolutionary changes as Kyosho expands their product line. Few restrictions come to mind and my thoughts have been curiosity with the FWD chassis.
Kyosho Stock class might just be the class where this chassis could enjoy a bit of an advantage. I want one to compare and get an answer to the question.

The spec rear damper in consideration works on 94 and 98mm setups and covers the gap between LM mounts and open damper for 86 & 90mm.

My early stock racing was Porsche bodies on a short chassis. I can't wait for my good ol' Valient to make its return.

2018.10.23, 12:03 AM
Thatís a high bar to set ;). Some tasty tacos..
Oh my... did anybody say taco?!!!?!

2018.10.23, 12:11 AM
Oh my... did anybody say taco?!!!?!

Oh yeah, he did...

2nd race event gets 33% more meat. It looks like I may have to bring out the 2nd hot hold device. Should I make extra?

2018.10.23, 01:09 AM
Murder Taco Racing! So good that you would.... I dare not say.

2018.10.23, 07:14 PM
I was able to recreate the chicken I made and document the recipe this time. If anyone is interested in the recipe I can provide a list of the ingredients for the marinade and cooking instructions. It was a freestyle concoction while I was multitasking. Luckily I pieced it all back together.