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2018.11.06, 02:41 PM
I spoke with the owner of the shop and if we want to start early we can do it on Sunday the 18th. The shop opens at 11am and we could start then and use the space all day.

Any thoughts? Does this work for all you racers? Let me know...

Tentative schedule:
Sunday November 18
11am doors open, racing by 12:30

Kyosho Stock
70 Comp

Tacos will be served again with added selections.

2018.11.16, 03:46 PM
Austin and I are good for Sunday

2018.11.16, 03:54 PM
Awesome!!! Im looking forward to seeing you there.

Im waiting for some packages to come in, then going to hop on a bus down to DE.

2018.11.18, 08:00 AM
Layout is down...



2018.11.18, 09:45 AM
The prep session last night was a fun time, we got 're done.

Be ready...

and hungry...

2018.11.18, 10:37 AM
Rental fleet prepped!


2018.11.18, 10:52 AM
Heading there now. See you soon.

2018.11.18, 11:11 AM
Cool, see you soon. Just got to the bike shop, setting up the loop

2018.11.18, 10:20 PM
Today was a small and cozy race day that I enjoyed immensely. I was not sure what to expect racing our Mini-Zs on the track while the bike shop was open for business. Sundays have been slow for Paul at the shop so we agreed to race during business hours. The excellent staff handled a strong stream of customers through the day far beyond their expectations. We are in Eagles country so when they fly the surrounding area goes almost silent except for the screams from the Eagles fans from their houses that come through loud and clear. We had to help grabbing bikes from the racks that were impeded by the long straightaway.

Most importantly I was able to repeat my freestyle chicken marinade and provide a special request for spiced ground beef for tacos. My Wifey and I are enjoying the leftovers with EMU and now it is time for an adult beverage.

Thank to Austin and K for sharing in the fun. The racing was close, fun and I even took a win with a rental car. EMU did too and took the FTD. My ride was surprisingly consistent and oh so easy to race. This setup has turned out to be quite quick and efficient. I am looking forward to racing this rental next week at Remnant. Should be good.

I saved the best for last, the loop is functioning fine after dropping the height to about a foot and bringing the sensors about 7 inches apart. The array picked up every lap so I was able to relax and race. Did I say I won a race? Oh, yeah...

Thanks to Paul and the crew, it was a blast.

2018.11.19, 01:55 PM
I just got home from a nice long weekend. Sorry for the delayed report.

Huge thanks to Paul at BrandyWine Bikes for letting us operate during business hours. It was nice to be finished in the early evening, and have time to eat all of the MurderTaco leftovers. The beef was good, but the chicken had definitely stolen the show again this race. The steak was actually my favorite, and I was glad that there was a good amount leftover.

We setup the track on Saturday night as they were closing, decided to clear space, and then start laying out corners and see how things lined up. I was very happy with how the layout ran, and offered a good mix of technical with flow.

I decided to test run a rental car, just to see how it stacked up and whether it would be competitive enough for the renters to not be at a disadvantage. Needless to say, the rentals stole the show, and nothing that I put down after the rental could run the pace. 2 out of the three cars that I ran after decided that they wanted no part in it, and called it quits midway through the races. One broke a knuckle, and the other had an intermittent reverse/brake issue. It would either reverse, or brake, but wouldnt do both regardless what settings I adjusted for trims on the radio... the PCB will be replaced before the next outing.

I ran an AWD with 48t, which is a quick car, and was still .3s off of the pace that I had set with the rental. This AWD used to be one of the fastest cars that I could put down on a mid sized track, but just couldnt approach the bar set by the Kyosho stock 70t rental with an 8t pinion no matter how hard I tried. The longtail McLaren just felt so balanced between corner entry and exit, and the response from the RWD electronics were so much faster than my ASF Helios, it triggered me to realize that I should probably upgrade from my Helios sooner than later.

On my bus ride back to the big city, the bus took a page from my races the day before and decided to call it quits midway though the run... which left us stranded for a couple hours until another bus could come and we could transfer on the side of the I-95. What should have been a 2hr trip, turned into 4+, making door to door travel almost 7 hours.

I had a great time this race, and was extremely happy that we had some good close racing each run. The timing loop was flawless, and we were able to track our pace and fast laps for each run. The atmosphere was laid back, and I feel that we had some interest of bike shoppers who might want to pick up a rental next outing and give it a whirl. One of the mechanics at the shop came in on his day off while picking up groceries, and ran two packs through a rental... which was about an extra hour and a half or so, I wonder how he explained it to his wife how it took almost two extra hours to pickup the groceries :rolleyes:

2018.11.19, 02:13 PM
Great updates on the race EMU and GIHOSU.

We're moving our racing indoors tonight and hope to have some new faces in attendance to try it out. Looks like the holiday week might be biting us a bit though.

The long tail Mclaren was the car I purchased to get back in, and I think you are right - it is very smooth and stable. I tried one of the Mclaren GT3s and it was just not as stable. That first car is now a loaner for tonight and I hope it will get someone else hooked!

2018.11.19, 03:43 PM
So, you also think it makes a great rental! :cool: