View Full Version : interesting servo info for you all....

2019.02.28, 10:17 PM

In the process of wiring a scratch build FWD I somehow got something wrong in the servo and sent the servo into conniptions.

By doing that I found out two things:

1. the Chinese plastic is even more fragile than normal and you can strip servo gears easily.

2. The servo gear that connects to the pot gear/servo arm is exactly the same cut/pitch as the 4th gear from the MR03. That means you can replace the unit with the metal aftermarket gear from the various companies that produce it.

2019.03.01, 01:45 AM
Thanks for sharing.

2019.04.08, 06:13 PM
The servo in question has been repaired!

2019.04.08, 07:21 PM
what electronics did you use? I'm hoping to transplant the EVO board into a FWD.

2019.04.09, 09:22 AM
I'm attempting to fit a VE board into the FWD chassis. Its super tricky as the chassis is molded to fit a brushed board. I'm creating a photo pictorial on how to make it fit....

I imagine that if an EVO board is the size of a brushed board then itd be a bit more simple to modify an RX plug in spot.

2019.04.09, 10:24 AM
There is a 3d printable cover for the VE board...

2019.04.09, 10:34 AM
Looks like a good idea but i may have positioned my board a bit different to avoid the Atomic rear suspension assembly (latest gen that is similar to the Kyosho). I plan on some shrink to cover the exposed areas.

2019.04.09, 11:44 AM
The SAS sport rear end... I think the best value awd/fwd on the market.

I don't have a FWD chassis, so can't really do much to help with the dimensions...

2019.04.09, 04:27 PM
Its not so much dimension (looks like itll fit great) but in my decision making process i decided to center the board since it wouldve bumped the SAS top arm mount hanging out the back.

Ill be starting a separate thread soon as im doing a bunch of mods to make the VE F-AWD run flawless.