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2019.04.17, 01:55 PM
Rules and regulations (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/data/946/Kyosho_Mini_Z_USA_Cup_-_2019_Rules.jpg) are complete. Can't wait for the racing to begin.

2019.04.17, 09:30 PM
Very Interesting.
Would be curious to find out dates locations and competition structure when they're released.

2019.04.18, 11:41 AM
Yes, plans are for some Kyosho sponsored events before the end of the year.

2019.04.18, 08:21 PM
Can we submit questions on the rules that can be passed along to Kyosho? I'm not sure we have anyone from Kyosho USA reading along anymore...

Why such a limited list of permitted Autoscales? This seems like a counter-intuitive move for Kyosho given the extensive catalog of Autoscales to pull from. Especially given the motivation to generate sales with retailers. By the time events happen, it is likely you will not be able to find one or more in stock anymore given the limited production runs made.

2019.04.19, 05:57 AM
Yes, plans are for some Kyosho sponsored events before the end of the year.

Seems to be quite a bit short on specifics, don't you think? While we are on specifics, are you required to use the hokey little adapter that converts the Futaba 3PK series radios to 2.4 gigs or is it allowable to just convert the module for direct use.

Curious as well as to why there are no "LM" classes?

2019.04.19, 06:07 AM
I assume that the limited body options reflect more recent production runs, bodies that have stock in the system. I do not like the limited body options. Could this be in the scope of not providing unfair advantage for newer racers with as rich ASC collections? Or just to promote sale of the newer ASC bodies which they have available for sale?

There are plenty of points that I could make issue with the rule set, however, this is the Kyosho Cup so I will not go there. My only true issue is the limitation of bodies. And it looks like the MM2 mount is limited only to brushless motors (probably to restrict it from the brushed only RWD production class).

It is hard to judge about the radio, whether it will be required to use the r246 adapter with the 3pk.

2019.04.19, 06:27 AM
Since I look for the same things that you do in a rule set it just becomes glaringly obvious that they are trying to restrict some options.

2019.04.19, 06:44 AM
Well, lets be honest, the Kyosho Mini-Z Cup rules have ALWAYS been stringent. Iíll say the same thing to those that complain about PN rules, Itís a manufacturer series they are sponsoring, they get to make the rules. We may not like or agree with them but they are putting the time, money and effort into the series and should be thankful for that. Iím thankful for any organized racing series we can get frankly and as always will adapt to the rules as necessary.

I believe your on the right course in that the list of permitted auto scales are current production models but as i mentioned, that availability is shaky at best and has a high likelihood of causing more problems than it solves. The old R8 for example is getting a re-release... one of the preferred racing bodies and not on the list...?

If iím Not mistaken, the Jpn series has more classes that include LM? Itís been a long while since i tried following the Jpn rules graphic and asked for translations.

Lets hope there is some flexibility with the implementation of the rules. Itís one thing to put them on paper and another to implement them across the entire NA market when dates/times are still unknown as currently tied to available stock items. I can appreciate that notion, to pick from currently available items to create a more neutral playing field but NA availability is not the same as Jpn and inventory levels are finicky at best.

It may read like a lot of boo-hooíing but Iím all in. I fully support PN in their endeavors and will likewise support Kyosho. Lets not forget, we havenít had the Mini-Z Cup since 2004 or there about, itís nice to see it come back.

2019.04.19, 07:23 AM
Im not trying to bash their rules, I am in the same boat as you... I understand it as a manufacturer cup will be quite restrictive, but I have a very difficult time trying to shoehorn any of my equipment into a class that is being run.

I believe that either R8 would be permissible, as it does not say the year or designate new/old like the NSX. I am surprised that the new Corvette is not on the list though, might be amended later.

2019.04.19, 08:26 AM
I only bring up the radio portion of the rules since I am a "lefty" that has had issues in the past with the little adapter not being as stable a platform as I might like.

Like EMU it becomes a "shoehorn" concern that makes it perhaps necessary to have to add additional equipment to the inventory just to take part in an otherwise undisclosed program. If there were solid dates and places posted for events it would be a bit different but right now all we have are some ambiguous promises of things that "may" come.

Is this whole thing just another vague attempt at creating something new and or exciting? Thanks but I'll wait for season 2 to see how it turns out.

2019.04.19, 11:58 AM
There were always leeway with judges discretion in years past. I would hope that would not change.

Not judging anyone here :). We all know as soon as you post any kind of rules itís going to create some measure of grumbling, something PN is very familiar with as well ;)

As mike points out, until dates and locations are announced, it still feels speculative given the previous attempts to get the cup series back in NA. Iím still excited at the glimmer of hope though!

Like emu, this series may not be a good fit for some as itís not as flexible at PN meaning your focusing on only a subset of the scale. Itís nit going to be for everyone. For retail locations, itís a glimmer of hope that it can push to get more into these locations. Hopefully itís not limited to retail locations and some active and well supported clubs get a shot. Just more speculation though until more definitive information is put forward.

2019.04.19, 06:18 PM
I am definitely interested in attending, as I had passed up on the last kyosho cup when I first came into the hobby.

I don't know how far I would travel for it, but I would go out of my way to get there. It would mean some new gear to comply to the rules, but that is normal for any event really.

2019.04.20, 04:32 PM
The way I'm reading post #3 it sounds like Kyosho America is willing to sponsor some single event mini-z races in U.S. locations where a) they carry Kyosho products and b) already have or can set up an RCP track. It doesn't seem words "Cup" & "Series" are meant literally...it would be cool if they do though... we shall see.

2019.04.20, 04:54 PM
It certainly sounds like a series of single events, which is fine by me. Not like we have any other series with larger tie-in's anymore in NA. The days of regional and finals past a long time ago. The Cup used to be a regional/final format and who knows, if it does well, maybe it could be again.

2019.04.20, 06:04 PM
It sounds like a series of regional events, possibly followed by a finals event if the is enough of a following...

2019.05.30, 12:25 PM
Any recent info about this? Seems very restrictive. Also not sure why other brushless motors (MZ504, MZ605 and MZ603) are listed under motor RPM rules, when the only brushless motor allowed under Motor/Gearing is the Eco Tune (MZW501). I don't have an FHSS car, so I couldn't run in "Production", but I could possibly out together a narrow and wide touring car, but I'm confused about which option parts are allowed. There is a specific list of option parts for "Production" but not for the touring classes. :confused::confused::confused:

2019.05.30, 03:23 PM
The original rules from JDM market are much more clear in that they also provide graphic illustration of rules for each class with photos of applicable parts. I can only hope that K.USA is able to get a more detailed translation of the original documents that are more clear, albeit just as restrictive. Understanding the rules, however restrictive, makes it much easier to participate.

For those not familiar with Mini-Z Cup, the rules have historically been very strict. Those of us that remember the last time it was active back in 2004 are familiar with this structure. It has itís flaw, like anything else.

Sadly, no news yet on locations/dates. Canít say iím Not surprised but remain cautiously optimistic.

2019.05.30, 08:05 PM
I'm just putting this out there as a curiosity, I'll likely never compete in this series.

Under the category 'Wide Touring' it lists MR03 VE/VE PRO, but the only radio listed is FHSS. Huh? Maybe I missed something but I thought the VE/VE PRO were ASF/MHS only. How does that work?

2019.05.30, 09:16 PM
possibly a translation error?

2019.06.10, 09:02 AM
Looks like there might be an LM class after all. This was on K America FB page, just can't find the details...


2019.06.10, 12:23 PM
Kyosho has their classes and rules much more organized in JDM. https://www.kyosho.com/rc/ja/race/2019/miniz_cup/index.html

I donít know why itís so difficult to have the existing regulation guide translated for the NA market :confused:

2019.06.10, 12:34 PM
Didn't see any LM class there. Not sure how Detroit has one... Anyone from that shop on here able to share more?

2019.07.04, 11:32 PM
Hello everyone,
It's been awhile. I haven't stopped racing Z's however. I will be at the Duel in Detroit next weekend. I too, grumbled about the rules but came to the conclusion that: 1) This is a sponsored
event 2) I, like many of us, I'm in 1:28 scale racing because of Kyosho. 3) I know what it's like to not have a place to race suddenly. Now it's flourishing here in Mid-Michigan. So, I hope to see out -of-towners come to this special event, you won't regret it. Check my Instagram page to see how Detroit hustles on the RCP.

2019.10.23, 07:46 PM
https://cimg2.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rctech.net-vbulletin/502x895/screen_shot_2019_10_23_at_2_24_47_pm_e631aeadd9207 bb03718f3132d9f024876a18dee.png

2019.10.24, 06:42 AM
So is this grand opening event supposed to be formally part of the Mini-Z USA Cup Series? I assume they will be taking part in the series by the use of the logo.

2019.10.24, 01:34 PM
My understanding as a patron there is Kyosho is the sponsor for their Grand Opening race so kyosho is organizing this race under the Mini-Z Cup banner much like the event at Detroit and others...from what i see around for now all Kyosho Mini-Z Cup branded events are one off events with additional specific to venue classes beyond the Mini-Z cup rules/class(es).

2019.10.24, 01:46 PM
Thank you, that is the most information that has been shared regarding the Mini-Z Cup thus far and sheds light on how it being formatted.

I really need to find out whom is managing the series on KYO end as Iíve asked my retail store to look at getting involved for some time. Maybe my location is just to small in comparison?

2019.11.12, 11:56 AM
SoCal Mini-Z racing going down this Saturday @ Victorville...drop in to race or if you're thinking about it check out the scenery. 👍🚗🏁

https://cimg2.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rctech.net-vbulletin/502x895/screen_shot_2019_10_23_at_2_24_47_pm_e631aeadd9207 bb03718f3132d9f024876a18dee.png