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2019.04.22, 03:25 PM
Hello, Mini z racers there is a new local for Mini z racing in New Jersey. Its call RC Car World. its been open for a long min with 1/10 and 1/12 racing going on. they have 3 tracks from drafting track to a buddies track with jumps in. Also a nice big size track for 1/10 and 1/12 racing CRC black carpet. So they added a Mini z track to the mix. and we are looking to run Mini-zs on Sunday afternoons
we also have 2 dates to plan a big race in July and Aug, update coming later

2019.04.22, 04:35 PM
I saw pics of this track on the mini-z group, good work Tommy. That track looks like a blast!

2019.04.22, 09:42 PM
Thanks I also want to promote the track on mini z racer as well. The future is bright to have mini Z's racing at RC car world.

2019.04.23, 08:20 AM
Shoot me an email with the details, formal name, location, etc. and iíll Get a new subforum started ;)

2019.05.28, 03:38 PM
finish winners
from April 28 Club race