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2019.05.12, 12:40 PM
In case your not already aware, GL Racing has 3 livery options of the R8 LMS released.

In my opinion, it far surpasses the Kyosho autoscale. It's just as detailed in terms of quality and application and retains the wider offset of the previous Kyosho R8.

The interesting nose plane ground effect that ties into the nose clip is ingenious.

The first version is longer listed on the website as it sold out long ago. It has been reported the production runs for these are very low, much lower than Kyosho limited release autoscales so don't sleep on these if your interested.

I don't believe they intent to release unpainted copies unfortunately. I would have been interested in picking up MANY of those.

Did I mention that they are also less expensive then Kyosho autoscales?!

Model: GBL003-R8LMS

Model: GBL004-R8LMS

2019.05.12, 02:14 PM
By my estimates, the GL R8 is roughly 2.5mm wider than the similar Kyosho model (slightly wider than older r8 as well). However it is heavier at roughly 37g. The 2015 kyosho body weighs in roughly at 30g (white body fully built, no paint).

I was quite surprised by the details and build quality. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

2019.12.21, 09:14 PM
I've neglected to keep this one up to date. We are now on Version 5!


Version 4 sold out in less than a day. Looks like Version 5 will sell out even quicker.

2019.12.21, 10:55 PM
Version 4 sold out in less than a day. Looks like Version 5 will sell out even quicker.

Not sure how many they actually have, but they keep adding more. I bought some and there was none left. Then there was 10 left, then they were sold out, and now there's 11 more.
Also, potentially they have different amounts available at different websites/countries. GLRacing germany has the older gold one but they won't ship outside europe.

2019.12.22, 07:31 AM
Yeah, can't say I understand the release strategy. :confused: It's difficult to shop from other retailers as they take GL price +O.P.+shipping as one would expect of a retailer but you end up paying more for it and thats a challenge for me as I need to buy at lowest reasonable cost given my collection, habit to feed :p I don't have deep pockets and buy at any cost...

2020.01.12, 11:18 PM
And now there's a 6th version. And it's pink!

2020.01.13, 07:01 AM
Yeah, not a fan of this one, and not because itís pink. The graphics just look like a decal wrap job, not a whole car livery. I bought it anyway and hope it looks better in person.

2020.01.13, 08:20 PM
V5 looked good in gold on the big track at Murdertown. I may need to have one. MRCS still has a few available.

2020.04.03, 11:39 PM
Is the R8 LMS to "go to" body for the GLR? Which bodies do you see the most frequently?

2020.04.04, 08:15 AM
I wouldn't say it's a go to body, just happens to be a very wide 98mm body. body selection is more than just whats popular as it has a great impact on driving characteristics thus should find the best fit for your driving style. what is best for others may not be best for you simply due to driving style. if your looking for wide 98mm choices, the GL R8 is one of them, along with the ZR1, GT01, 599, 2010 R8 which all take +2F/+3R offset. I'm not as familiar with the P4, 12C.