View Full Version : software recommendation?

2019.06.12, 09:38 AM
Back after a few years

My software
RC scoring pro lite (free) is on a dead laptop
I loved this ( limited to 5 racers) but was perfect for MINIZ HFAY
I do not see a download for it anywhere.

I still have the I-LAP transponders and bridge/decoder for mini-Z setup

The new RC scoring pro 2 is $10 a month

any recommendations (based on usage) what your clubs/ track use today

just downloaded

What software are other clubs currently running with I-LAPS for races?

2019.06.12, 01:17 PM
Next Level Timing has a free program that has good reviews here. There is always ZRound as well that is free but not as user friendly. Not sure if Flipside free program is still available?

2019.06.12, 03:03 PM
I sent you a PM with download info that contains all the files including the 5 car RC Scoring Pro you are looking for.