View Full Version : Club in Michigan

2002.08.25, 07:23 PM
any racers in Michigan area interested in starting a club, or know of a club I can join Email me!!!!!

2002.08.25, 07:41 PM
well I would like to put together a club track of some sort... Michigan club sort of exists, this web site ;) its run from a michigan resident. But right now I would be happey with ANY track to run on... untill I find a track I am not buying another Z to fix mine.. .hehe.

2002.08.25, 10:05 PM
We need a track.......u know Mini-z style. I got a nice one in my basement(still under constuction) but so far its nice. we need a hobbyshop style track Hey we will get it together!!!!

2002.08.25, 10:35 PM
well I plan to build a track, but I am sort of short on funds ;) if I could do a rental or pay to play type of race day.. it might help afford it and the time to build it... mine can be set up in a grass field. at least my current version... its like one of the other tracks posted on here... the one in CALI with the big red bridge...

2002.08.27, 07:41 PM
Track help here.........I will try to get some Michigan car buffs to give us some free space to race!!!! I let you know about the progress I'll help with the track no probs

2002.08.29, 06:31 PM
we need a hobbyshop style track Hey we will get it together!!!!

lightfighter, please email me, we're working on a track near you in Ann Arbor - officially sponsored by Mini-ZRacer.com!

2002.09.02, 12:18 AM
z i email you did you get it!!!

2002.09.05, 08:06 AM
Yes, didn't you get my reply?