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2002.08.27, 07:48 PM
Does anyone know where I can get a clear and/or blue skeleton chasis around here????

I've been to Sandy's and Hobby Co and they don't have them.


The Thunderer
2002.08.27, 09:49 PM
E-mail Mini-Z. He'll help you out.

On the OFF CHANCE that he can't, let me know... I've got a souce or two. BUT, check with Mini-Z first.

How do you like the MRS bodies? I love mine!

2002.08.27, 10:05 PM
Might want to check out TRCC. (I don't know what that stands for)
Its located in the Pearl City Industrial Park, about half way in. It is one of those trailer office type of deals. Its off the main road, right after a secured military area, turn left as you're heading into the Industrial Park.
I think I saw a clear chassis over there recently.

2002.08.28, 12:55 PM
Thanks but I kinda wanted to buy without paying shipping unless it is way cheaper.

My Black MRS has battle scars already, just from playing with the car with my SE motor. Man, the thing is unreal. The rear spoiler came off since I was handling the car so much. Actually it looks neat without it. I think I will keep it off.

The silver one is still in the box. Trying to keep it mint!

I love the handling of the MRS but my inexperience is causing me to thrash it more than I like. I was running it in half of my garage in a space of 10x20 and I was sliding it into the concrete wall and doing "head ons" into the metal garage door. The garage door ones made me worry the most but the body took the impacts well.

I'll email you if I need your source. Thanks!

Thanks! I forgot about them. I actually never went there but I will check them out.

Today I'm picking up a barely used Mini Z today with tons of aftermarket parts and bodies

By the end of the day I will have 3 Mini Z's and 9 bodies but no time to play with them. I think I spend more time hunting down deals than actually playing with the cars.

Hmmm, may be that's my true hobby!!

Thanks again guys!!!!!!