View Full Version : EN Raceway

2019.10.23, 07:37 AM
A new racing opportunity has opened for people around Central Ohio. This place has a Mini-z RCP track, offroad carpet track, onroad carpet track and they are building a rock crawling section.

2019.10.23, 07:57 AM
They had an opening race this past Friday night. It was ran pretty good for being their first race after a big opening. They had a box stock class and an open class, and they plan to run a stock class with Kyosho only upgrades in the future.
They are going to have club racing for mini-z on Wed nights. Which is bad for my schedule so I will not get to go very often. But I am sure they will have some larger events on weekends that my family and I can go to.
Central Ohio has not had a mini-z scene for awhile, hopefully the numbers keep growing for them and we get to enjoy some good racing.

2019.10.24, 12:24 PM
Went up last night did some runs had fun figguring out my new controller and got a new 03 wished i took pics. Nice layout and pit area transponders are cheap and the lap counter runs so you can track your progress. The shop has spare parts also. Unfournatly i have a rotating schedule ill try to be out there every other Sunday and Friday Wednesday if the Misses permits

2019.10.27, 09:31 PM
EN has moved racing to Friday nights at 630. So we will be able to make it most Fridays now. Really looking forward to it.

2019.11.02, 12:10 AM
Had another fun night racing. The turn out was pretty good and it seems like they keep gaining more interest. We could have a decent size crowd here pretty soon.
techno it was good to meet you tonight. Looks like you are picking it back up quickly after taking a long time away from the hobby. I would like to see them start a points series for the regular race nights.
Man that track though has the worst traction of any rcp I have ran on, but they said that they have a few new tracks that they will put up for the big kyosho race that they are going to have.