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2002.08.28, 04:25 PM
hi, this is the track i've build this summer in my garage.

previously, it was a dusty non flat old concrete

first, i put a thin layer of cement (2-3 mm), special cement for having a very soft result ( without sand) around 7.5 kg for 30 mē

second, drilling some holes to keep a garden hose in place with bolts

third,i painted in black everything with a regular and cheap mate paint

then i added some details with extra white paint from a bedroom, and some fake red vibrors.

Just added some ads, and here it is

total price : around 50-60 euros/dollars. time : 3 weeks (drying time !), 10-15 hours

I use a mini z with large soft tires 20°, x speed motor, and a soft front suspension. very good results ! (specially if you compared with the first tries on old concrete (tooo spleeeelyyyy!!!!)

2002.08.28, 04:28 PM
sorry, i don't know how to place several pictures in the same message.
here's my son on the track !

2002.08.28, 04:31 PM
and another one : view close to the exterior, it's possible to extend the track outside when it's shiny ( and clean!)

2002.08.28, 04:33 PM
close view from the old and new floor

it's still possible to park a car on the garage !

2002.08.28, 04:34 PM
hey olive, welcome to the forum. nice track:D

I bet you can't wait until your son grows older so you can do some racing with him;)

BTW theres no way of posting more than one picture in each post so you are doing fine so far:cool:

2002.08.28, 04:43 PM
thanks for your answer. my older son is just 4, he's good enough to turn the wheel when i manage the speed. he's best tour is 45 sec, better than my wife ! I run a tour in 9 sec, but i need to develop a real counter !

2002.08.28, 05:38 PM
nice track!!!!!

keep up the work

2002.08.29, 07:30 PM
olive, great track, and welcome to the Forums!

2002.08.30, 06:07 AM
don't develop a counter theres many slot car counters that can be altered to run on Mini-z track!!!!!

2002.08.30, 06:16 AM
here's one:

2002.09.04, 02:08 PM
Originally posted by lightfighter
don't develop a counter theres many slot car counters that can be altered to run on Mini-z track!!!!!

really???:eek: mind telling us how this can be done??? i've search and researched about building a counter but most need you to build a circuit board yourself (wish i am not qualified to do)!

2002.09.04, 03:30 PM
That's a really good circuit, i hope you enjoy it for a long time to come!!

2002.09.04, 10:25 PM
how about adding more cars?
I would need atleast 6 car counting ability...
the software is the problem as I can't program.

2002.09.08, 12:59 AM
very nice! much better than my track (low pile carpet that i lay down in my basement.