View Full Version : MA-03F AWD Conversion

2019.11.04, 04:17 PM
Has anyone else turned their MA-03F into an MA-030? I've found that it's a lot more enjoyable to drive on the track.

I also put an x-speed in the car but it runs really hot and I've burned up two pinions so far. Someone really needs to make a metal motor mount or heatsink for the car.

2019.11.06, 02:13 PM
Noooo, of course not! We want front wheel drive!!! :D:D:D

2019.11.10, 11:36 PM
lol.. I've had a lot of fun racing it the past few weeks.

2019.11.16, 10:01 AM
Fully agree, the MA020 was a nightmare for AWD racing. So hopefully as a FWD chassis it will be much more fun (until GLA makes one... then it will be useless again lol).

I'd like to convert it to brushless but the parts to convert it almost equal the cost of an entire MA030 chassis... (Minus radio board). So it's actually cheaper to buy an MA030 and delete the rear driveshafts etc.


2020.05.12, 05:40 PM
Converting this to an AWD is just a longer shaft and the rear pinion right?

I opened one of these up to put in some of my leftover stuff in a while back and probably need another graduate or doctorate degree to put it back together again lol. I loved the front motor and low battery placement but that servo and the surrounding casings were some of the most user unfriendly and brittle plastic designs on a Z ever. Definitely not fun.

2020.05.13, 11:19 AM
I agree, not really user friendly and certainly not something most kids could work on. The wiring alone is tricky and fickle, not to mention the servo assembly. Iím leaving mine FWD, no rush or need to convert to 4WD. Itís unique and fun as FWD.

2020.05.14, 12:42 AM
MD403 is the shaft needed to mod it to an AWD. Diff, rear pinion, center bearing, and cvds are of course needed as well (don't remember if the fwd came with full bearings for the rear). But again, unless you already have the fwd the better option as stated earlier is to just get the 03AWD and remove the RWD bits.

If I recall from my breakdown last year, the normal awd shaft was around 4mm shorter. If you have a 98mm shaft you should be fine.

03AWD is brushless but from what I've read from specs, you can run a normal brush motor in it as well.

Is brushless safe to run on the thinner plastics on the 03AWD? No heat issues? That fwd plastic was real thin and very brittle...

Maybe something for me to pick up in a bit as I want to run one of the r246 datsun 240s as a drift car and I've already stressed the fwd ctr plastics enough taking them apart and trying to fit an old school atm chili evolution in there lol. Taking it apart again will break the little clip or its holder.

I believe the KT531P control should still work with that 03AWD model.