View Full Version : First pictures of my modular track

2002.08.30, 11:13 AM
These are just out of the workshop.

4 peices stored nicely.

2002.08.30, 11:15 AM
Layed out, it's 8 feet :-)

Scale, each peice is 18mx18m (56ftx56ft) of track.

2002.08.30, 11:15 AM
To get an idea of how a mini-z fits on it.

2002.08.30, 11:17 AM
and a shot from track level.

I haven't figgured out a good way of joining them yet, so you'll notice there are little bumps at the joining area... but when they're on flat carpet (not my room), they fit nicely.

2002.08.30, 01:08 PM
I'm debating wether to make the corners out of a barrier, or just to have a "grassy" raised area.

2002.08.30, 08:58 PM
Any thoughts?

I need to make the corners now... do I make a defined fence that curves across the 2x2 peice, or do I make an open 2x2 peice with a raised "grass" area?

2002.08.30, 09:19 PM
Iner zone raised, but leave the outer zone open and drivable on, for future LARGER radius curves ;) sorta like zanthx track maker.

2002.08.30, 09:55 PM

I'm also having issues with getting the track to be flat... the hardboard curves sometimes.

I've managed to solve it with packing tape on the seams, but you also have to raise up the joints with little bits of folded paper to get it perfect before taping...

*sigh* problems...

2002.08.30, 10:44 PM
whats the track surface....not the carpet made out of.....what kind of wood?????

if not too thin insert small pins to line it up

2002.08.31, 12:18 AM
pins aren't a bad idea, but it's only 1/8th inch thick...

Heh, the surface is the backside of "hardboard". it's got a glazed surface, perfect for drifting on one side, and the other side grips really well with Z's.

I used some packing tape on the gaps today and it worked out fairly well...

I'm still gonna have to really spend some time into it... it's kinda frustrating.

2002.08.31, 11:10 AM
I got an Idea on the backside of the track you can glue some male/female connectors almost like a hook and loop....they sell that stuff at the home depot for latching door and drawers.......or you can use velcro glue on each side of seam and then put a larger piece to spand both seams or pieces