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2001.12.17, 04:06 AM
What are some of the other sets like compared to the Kyosho set?


2001.12.17, 04:37 AM
id like to add, how do d****** bearings compare to others?

2001.12.17, 08:21 AM
Good questions,

When I was racing 1/10th scale RC a few years ago, I bought a three sets of aftermarket bearings for my Yokomo RC car.

I let my father (Who is a mechanical engineer) examine these bearings and asked what he thought of them. He brought the fact that two different brands were shipping the same Japanese make bearings (NSK). The other was a brand I cannot remember.

I thinks it's six and two threes: the same! To find one bearing set that can outperform another on RC cars is difficult. Especially on tiny critters like Mini-Z's! It's not as simple as the bearings we use on inline skates or skate boards that have ABEC ratings!

I think that if you buy a bearing set of any reputable brand and look after them by inserting and removing carefully, as well as keeping them clean, they should serve you well.

Bottom line: Bearings are 1000% better than the plastic bushes shipped with the Mini-Z's!

I'd be interested to hear what comments will be posted on this here Thread :D

2001.12.17, 09:46 AM
Actually this is not quite the case, the Kyosho bearings (or rather Duratrax) are awful as they are the wrong size (too wide, just thrown together from existing parts and not special made for the Mini-Z, makes your front wheels fall off). I'm not familiar with d******, but from their packaging I'm guessing they just re-packaged another brand.

2001.12.17, 11:43 AM
Those that can, measure yer bearing dimensions with calipers... OD, ID, Width... might find that those that have bearings that dont fit, and those that do, just have different wheels ;).

And maybe they are the same brands, the resellers are selling, just diff sizes ordered, for different costs

2001.12.17, 01:13 PM
I don't have calipers but can tell from visual inspection and experience that the Kyoshos are wider and so much so that they are unusable with upgrade wheel nuts.

2001.12.17, 02:06 PM
What exactly are you telling me, Mini-Z?? I have a set of $32 Kyosho ball bearings on my TT, and they won't fit the aftermarket wheelnuts I have on order with you?? :(
Unfortunately I'm not at home right now but I can't remember my ball bearings sticking out or something... Just how wide are the 3rd party nuts? This is unbelievable!

2001.12.17, 02:08 PM
They will fit, I have the wide bearings...all you have to do is put the wheel nuts on backwards so the little rubber "lock" actually contacts the wheel axle shaft. This is true with the stock, or the alloy wheelnuts.


2001.12.17, 02:52 PM
Okay, let me rephrase, they are too wide to work properly with any of the available nuts, stock or 3rd party. It is possible to get them to work with stock or 3rd party nuts, but the point is they will always be too wide and therefore not enough thread is left at the end of the axle to get a decent amount of nut on and thus you may experience wheel loss once in a while under heavy usage. They are not a wise purchase vs. other brands is what I am trying to say, as they were not made for the Mini-Z. Note that this is only the Duratrax/Kyosho bearings that I am referring to, and Kyosho/Kyosho bearings are available in other countries which may not have the same problem.

2001.12.17, 03:36 PM
What do you call nuts on the wall? Walnuts, right?
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What do you call nuts on your wheels? Wheel nuts
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2001.12.17, 04:00 PM
There can only be one... RCRM bearings available here at the Mini-Z shop. Heck I OWN a hobby shop and I can get any bearings I want from Duracrap to Boca, but when it comes down to it, the bearings have to FIT regardless of how well they spin. RCRM's are the only ones that I've seen that fit (and they spin pretty well too! :D) Whenever I need Mini-Z bearings I shop here.

2001.12.17, 04:01 PM
initialdeeznutz - judging by your sig, you only have one? hahahaha! :D

2001.12.17, 04:16 PM
Originally posted by ruf
initialdeeznutz - judging by your sig, you only have one? hahahaha! :D

LOL. You are absolutely right. I only have 1 pair. :D
That is all I want.

2001.12.17, 05:35 PM
You guys are all nuts!!
Thanx for the info. I wont be ordering the kyosho bearings now!!