View Full Version : Ever think of adding a chat room to the site??

2002.09.01, 06:21 AM
I noticed Drac has a little java chat thingy up on the site, would you consider doing something similar??

2002.09.01, 07:39 AM
I did it for this site, infact i also registered #Mini-ZRacing.com on the same server... dave mearly needs to take time to copy paste the code ;) and a few files. wich if he gives me a template to the page he wants I will do for him, then he can upload them... ;) It would be just as fast for him to do it though :)

2002.09.01, 07:53 AM
So basically it's just a question of whenever he gets around to it, then.....

2002.09.01, 08:41 AM
Time to do it yes.. ;) all you need to do is join the room through IRC though... and join the channel for this site...

http://www.mirc.com <-- very common IRC client... not nessessarily free, but will work free. ;)

2002.09.01, 09:47 AM
Which server group are you on?
me, obeesi and co. have put up #mini-z on IRCnet.

2002.09.01, 10:04 AM
not realy a comunity I think they have their servers secluded or someting from others... cuz the java client only workson those servers.. probly just code to make that so...

irc.ircstorm.net 6667 #DraconiousRC & #Mini-ZRacer.net

By the way if anyone wants to add the applet code to a site, I got the applet here: http://www.freejavachat.com :D Mine will eventualy be semi-graphical like their demo..