View Full Version : Upgrades for crawling

2020.05.31, 10:15 PM
Kyosho has posted on FB they are developing oil filled aluminum shocks, brass hubs and wheel weights.

I'm new to this scale truck scene since Overland discontinued and don't own any crawlers.

What are others doing to improve performance?

Anyone actually racing them or just crawling?

2020.06.01, 01:42 PM
I dabble with Orlandoo 1/35 scale crawlers, and figuring out your tire/wheel situation can make a noticeable difference. Add weight or not, foam inserts or not, weight in the front wheels, not in the rear, different rubber compounds, etc.

I also found gear reduction mods to be very useful, performance-wise.

This might sound dumb, but one of my favorite things they made as an accessory for the Orlandoo is a sound module and speaker. It has two modes, diesel and V8, and it takes cues from the ESC for starting, accelerating, shifting to reverse, etc.

2020.06.01, 03:19 PM
a sound module for mini-z would be epic.

2020.06.18, 12:54 PM
I think sound modules are the size of mini zs themselves? lol

The battery weight on the 4x4 is biased towards the front, so some weight in the back may keep it from flipping in descents. I'm assuming that is why they put the big old spare tires in back; for balance.

Hilux came in yesterday from kenon. Ordered it Friday and it took nearly a week and I only live a few hours away... lol By that metric, the brass 4x4 stuff and MA03evo I ordered from China will get here next year.

Sourcing some Ti screws and nylon washers from China as well. Won't be able to break it down until I get the screws in (assuming they stuck with M2 sized screws). If washers are too big I might look into maybe some custom ones if plausible.

Hopefully get in a few sessions today with the 4x4 to get a feeling for it. The body looks absolutely flawless though.