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2001.12.17, 09:58 AM
I dunno if you guys in the U.S.A. follow Formula-1 racing.

Well, F1 is HUGE here in the UK and in most of Europe. Thbis also applies to the far east with Malaysia and Japan hosting a GP too!
China are constructing a world class circuit in the hope to host an F1 GP in the future.

All races are hosted on a Sunday and according to ratings, some 26000000 (Corect 26 million) people tune in to watch these open wheeler duels.
Kyosho have been good enough to acknowledge the existense of F1 with their magnificent little Mini-Z F1 series.

Now, another pedigree manufacturer are entering Fortmula-1 next year, a househould name all over the world. TOYOTA!

Here is a picture of their Formula-1 car for the 2002 season. I ask, how long before Kyosho release a Mini-Z version of this awesome looking F1 car?

Here she is:

2001.12.17, 10:07 AM
Mondo, I'm a huge F1 fan, but I'm afraid F1's popularity here is nothing like the that of elsewhere. The only race I was able to watch this year was the American GP which was on national television and the commentary was so poor it was rediculous. Jason Preistley was even commentating for crying out loud. Our cable company no longer carries Speedvision so I have to listen to the race over the internet from the BBC while watching the results in text form from formula1.com! A Toyota Mini-Z would be cool, and might not be too difficult licensing-wise since they have the Altezza, Vitz etc. already and thus must have a good relationship with Toyota. However, since the team is unlikely to be up there with Ferrari/Williams/McLaren/Jordan right away it might be a while before Kyosho deems them popular enough to warrant their own Mini-Z. Go DC!

2001.12.17, 10:19 AM
Ooh, Mini-Z Admin is a DC fan :D

Personally I root for MS and not 'coz he's taken his 4th crown. I saw MS's first mid-season debut for Jordan and he overtook the legendary Aerton Senna in his 3rd race of that season, only to be re-taken by a fist waving Senna :)
I said there and then that he'd be the next world champion. I didnt quite expect him to be so legendary. Yes, I wore red shirts in the 2 year drought period Ferarri went through before they got their act together!

Now, (Picture to follow - now the USB Cam is configured) I have a 1/18 Scale MiniChamps static model of the McLaren Mercedes, personally signed by David Coulthard himelf :D
I'll click it later tonight and post it. You dont wanna know what that cost me :( But, hell it's worth every penny :D

Good to know there's another F1 fan around


2001.12.18, 04:41 AM
I'm a F1 fan to !, and a DC fan to because I got his car :)
When I have the Ferrari then I will be a Schumi fan again hehe

2001.12.18, 09:40 AM
I have 2 of the Ferrari's and Williams coming in next week! =) I'm pretty excited!

Along the lines of F1 memorabilia, I just gave away my last DC MP4-16 poster from the last USGP. I'm more of a Williams fan. I have a Williams cap signed by JPM. I also got a chance to chat with Sir Frank Williams for about and hour last year as he was passing through to the Australian GP! One of the most fascinating moments of my life!:D

2001.12.24, 11:31 AM
Thanks for the info tomyeoh!