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2020.07.18, 08:55 PM
Wondering if this is possible? Can a host setup a race at one location and have guest join the race and essentially run the race at the same time form different locations?

This would have been awesome to do during the shutdowns, unless you can already do so and I just don't know better. I'm running NLT at home and would love to run some races with other people I know across the web.

Ideally this would include some sort of chat window so voice communication can be had but I'm sure there are any number of solutions for that if needed.

2020.08.04, 12:11 AM
In theory this is supported. I have not tried it in a long time and there has been a ton of code changes since. I don't think anyone else uses this feature so I haven't been too concerned about it.

Basically how it works is one person hosts as a server and other people connect to the server as a client.

On the server you need to open port 3001, this is different for each router and operating system.

On the client go to the Next Level Timing settings there is the host tab. If you set "connect as client" and type in the IP address of the machine hosting the server it will attempt to connect to the server.

At that point the decoder data is sent to the server.

Hmmm. Now I kind of want to test it. I will try within the next week to see if it is functional. There are probably other gotchas.

2020.08.04, 02:07 PM
Let me know how it goes of if you need another ginny pig.

2020.08.09, 08:19 PM
Yeah. It doesn't work. It has to do with the "secondary" decoders not receiving the reset signal. This didn't use to be a thing but when I implemented the easylap system I had to reset the decoder to get a more accurate time.

I'll have to noodle on how to handle for this but I can't focus on fixing it right now. Working on some other updates that are being a bit of a pain.