View Full Version : Could it be?

2020.09.15, 05:22 PM
A Jeep JL?

I think it is ......


2020.09.15, 06:08 PM
A Jeep JL?

I think it is ......


Yes. I think so as well. Nice to add some other options to that platform.

2020.09.15, 11:07 PM
Front bumper looks pretty gnarly. Could it be a larger scale crawler?

The wheelwell looks pretty high up... but the lights are slanted...

Would love a m606 body for these as those things are iconic. A Bronco too maybe?

4x4s are scaled pretty weird though. You'd think the Jiminy would be a smaller body but it is huge and on the longer chassis. Assuming a jeep would likely use the boxy 120mm chassis as well.

2020.09.16, 02:29 AM
There appears to be a Defender D90 and MB G-class (white bodies) available on that auction site. The listing states that they fit kyosho mini z 4x4 chassis, lists 120mm wheelbase.
I presume they're not kyosho brand, but they look pretty good if you're wanting something different.

2020.09.16, 04:20 PM
Based on the light and hood profile, looks like a 4 door Wrangler Rubicon. Larger scale or Mini-Z 4x4 is the question. given the prior reveal for Mini-Z 4x4 was same, is likely for that.
It would be a no brainer to release a Jeep since they had license with Monster chassis. Bit disappointed it's not something a bit more in the moment like the Bronco though. Jeeps are the new soccer mom/suburban SUV which has diluted the branding lifestyle IMHO.

The Defender and Merc truck bodies were seen first on HRC and come out of China so who knows the true author is? the Defender 90 is a nice looking body though.

2020.09.20, 12:13 AM
I guess Iíll be buying another .......



2020.09.20, 10:26 AM
Well, the Wrangler certainly does open up the line for a huge customization market. It was a solid choice to expand the lineup. Wonder if they will do the truck next? With 3 body styles to choose, would be nice to see all 3. I can understand whey they choose the longer wheelbase for the scale though.

2020.09.20, 11:59 AM
I would think the Gladiator would be a no brainer for Kyosho to do next.

I also think that a Toyota Tundra TRD would be cool.

2020.09.22, 11:50 PM
I dig the jeep and will pick one up or the body.

Can appreciate the newer tech and stuff in modern vehicles, but there will always be a place for classics or cars you grew up with. To be honest the cars and trucks today with sharper lines are pretty jarring... I'm sure those that grew up with modern cars would say the opposite and older cars are ugly.

I hope kyosho pulls some of the older trucks from their licensed catalog out. They certainly have them from their diecast and unpainted model catalogs. Again, a Willy MB would be an instant preorder from me lol.

2020.09.23, 10:25 AM
Yeah, plenty of JDM market trucks that would do well here as well. 84 SRS (BTTF), catalog of land cruisers to choose from, any number of Hilux to choose from, Toyota has plenty of Dakar trucks to choose from as well.

I would doubt we would see any of the modern 'supercar SUV's' given the platform is a crawler. LM2000 would be cool though and Kyo still does Lambo models.

as a crawler though, a tried and true Bronco or Blazer would be cool as well.

2020.12.01, 04:37 PM
Any ETA on these jeeps?

I ordered a set from amain with their blackfriday deal, but plan to order an anniversary 03evo, so I am wondering if I should just get it from overseas.