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2002.09.05, 05:40 AM
Hi all,

Just ordered my First Mini-z, and it should arrive in the next few days. Are there any tracks in the UK that do mini-z racing, preferably in the south. I have wanted one of these cars for ages and have finally ordered one as a treat seeing as i have just quit smoking.


2002.09.05, 07:31 AM

Not around Thames Valley.
I know Mini-Me-Z is working on a track in Darlington.
You are quite close to Butler (MK) and I work in Buckinghamshire.
Perhaps this is an excuse to get together and race?

2002.09.05, 07:53 AM
dammit, now i wish i was still in the UK :(

btw, congrats on quiting smoking, and congrats on choosing to buy a mini-z :)

off topic----
why do so many people say that they have just ordered their first mini-z? isnt one enough?

2002.09.05, 08:09 AM

Cool, so there are a few peolpe in the UK at least that actually own a mini-z. A race would be cool sometime. :)


I say first becuase i know my son is going to want one when he sees this one. That and becuase then i can race it with my friends that come round as well.

2002.09.05, 09:33 AM
and have finally ordered one as a treat seeing as i have just quit smoking.

Congrats on both and welcome to the Forums! :D

Mark K
2002.09.05, 09:50 AM
Hi I'm from the UK too. I've got a Merc CLK Mini-Z that i just recently got, shame that there are no tracks in the UK, really need one down south

2002.09.05, 09:55 AM
If i had the room i would build my own track, but unfrotunatley no basement and the loft is too small.

2002.09.05, 02:52 PM
Right, we the UK Mini-Z owners finaly do what I tried to do last year - get something on the go!

The great things about Mini-Z's is, they don't require too much area to race.
I am sure that we could arrange a warehouse floor, smooth (very smooth) tarmac area to hold a meeting on in the S.E.
Butler any ideas?
Also, we need to know who have what, i.e. Mini-Z tintops (cars) or Mini-Z F1's.

Come on guys, let's keep this going :D We can eventually have the first Mini-Z Meeting!

BTW I am moving this Thread to the Regional Clubs Forums.. :)

2002.09.05, 03:08 PM
Hi Everbody!!

None Yet, Will have a think. Going away for our 1st anniversary for few days now. Have got some mystery mini-z bits as a prezzie. :D

I may give you a call next week Mondo.

2002.09.06, 04:50 AM
You might want to look at how this forum is displayed on the main index, as i didn't even know this section was here. It would be cool if we could get a meeting together, and i am sure we can sort something out somewhere.

2002.09.06, 04:59 AM
Where in Bucks are you Porkie?:)

2002.09.06, 05:47 AM
About 5 miles from Aylesbury, so not far from Hemel. :)

2002.09.06, 06:00 AM
Mondo works in Aylesbury.

Just need somewhere to Race.:rolleyes:

I don't know of any tracks at all for R/C of any scale in the area.

2004.06.11, 11:24 AM
Hello everyone,

Just to let you know, I have build a track in the Milton Keynes area (where I work). If you want to get together please contact me: psouchoroukov@yahoo.co.uk

I have with a couple of friends 4 F1s and we race every couple of weeks, it's great fun!!

Hope to hear from you soon