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2001.12.17, 12:47 PM
*Does anybody have the fancy GPM shock set (MZ353), Motor mount (MZ313A) are they compatible??
*Also does anyone have the v-tread radial tires (MZ88925G), are they better than slicks?
*Does the 2mm locknut wrench fit the eagle locknuts?
*Does the alluminum tie rod (MZ049/0) & Modified steering knuckles (MZ121) make a difference?
*What about the alluminum stabilizer set (MZ311)?

2001.12.17, 01:10 PM
F=MA has most of the parts you're talking about...I don't know the numbers on the motor mounts, but he has the GPM mount for GPM motors, with the 2 screws that hold the motor in place. He also had the fancy 3 shock oil set. They work great together. He also has the v tread radial tires. They are MUCH softer than any other tire I've felt, but there is less rubber touching the ground, so they grip about as much as the soft kyosho tyres on smooth surfaces...on carpet though, they hook up great.

I have the alloy 1 deg. toe in tie rod, and have no complaints. Can't help with any of the other stuff though..sorry!!


2001.12.17, 01:48 PM
Thanks Russ.. o F=MA...

2001.12.17, 08:24 PM
Originally posted by Hardtrukr
*Does anybody have the fancy GPM shock set (MZ353), Motor mount (MZ313A) are they compatible??
*Also does anyone have the v-tread radial tires (MZ88925G), are they better than slicks?
*Does the 2mm locknut wrench fit the eagle locknuts?
*Does the alluminum tie rod (MZ049/0) & Modified steering knuckles (MZ121) make a difference?
*What about the alluminum stabilizer set (MZ311)?

Heheh Russ' got my back!


The GPM Shock Set isn't half bad, I prolly wouldn't pay for another one if I got a 2nd Mini-Z though. Its hell of expensive. The nice thing though is that its just about infinitely adjustable since the shock bodies are threaded. When I got mine I only had two motor mount options, the MZ013, and MZ013A.

the MZ013 is the alloy motor mount for original Kyosho Motors, and the X-speed motor. Though I think there may be some modifications necessary to the motor for it to fit. :confused: not sure on that one. I think it may be drilling a threaded hole into the motor.

Which is why I went with the MZ013A alloy mount for GPM motors. I also bought a GPM Torque motor (MZ039) to go along with it.

Several things I want to say on this issue, first is, that motor mounts for GPM motors are different because they require GPM's own pinion gears. You can not use your old stock pinions that came with the readyset on a GPM motor/motor mount.

The difference is that the GPM pinion is much shorter. So the motor mount is shifted slightly (I believe) to compensate. Why GPM didn't just conform with the standard, I have no ****ing clue, and it pisses me off that they didn't.

Anyways, it wouldn't be nearly as big a headache if it weren't for one aspect of GPM's pinion's: the fact that they require an allen screw to tighten. If you have the GPM differential then you know what I'm talking about. there's a little black allen screw that tightens the pinion to the shaft. The pinion itself, if placed on the shaft will slip right off, unlike stock Kyosho pinions which fit snugly without the use of an extra tool. Chalk one up to poor engineering at GPM. Thank you, ****ing morons. So since I had no other way of tightening the pinion to the shaft I superglued it. :) I know you're saying "wtf" right now, but I had been waiting 2 months for all the parts and stuff to finally come together through backorders and headache's and I just wanted my damn car to run.

Moving on, The GPM motor mount is LOW. Russ has seen the bottom of my motor. We usually run outside on a hard concrete basketball court. Its definitely the lowest part on the body, I'd say I have 3-4 mm of clearance. The motor's original color is purple. After maybe 2-3 runs outside I had scraped a good amount of the purple off the bottom of the motor. And the silver under the purple paint is exposed.

To me this isn't a bad thing, I'm not too worried about asthetics, I like that they mounted it about as low as practically possible. :)

Another good thing about the motor mount, and probably the best thing about it, is that the gear mesh is infinitely adjustable (almost). You can fit a 12T to a 42T or a 6T to a 40T, any combination of pinion's and spur's is possible. No more worrying about spacer plates, etc. I never was good at memorizing the spacing anyways, which is why I love this feature.

If you need a more detailed explanation of how it works, I can show you a pic that Russ took of the side of the chassis. Basically there is a hole in the side of the motor just underneath the shaft. This is how it attaches to the motor mount, and it swings around that hole to give you any mesh you want. There are two other holes provided to keep the motor locked in place once you have chosen your mesh, but I opt to leave them open since I adjust the mesh every now and then, and its less hassle to screw with less screws. lol.

Another comment about the MZ353, Its my opinion that anything but the stock H plate is too hard for an aftermarket suspension. The MZ353 is no exception. I really liked my Stock H plate MZ353 suspension setup, but I was fooling around and I snapped the H plate. :( My friend repeatedly rammed it into a door. Anyways, now I have the graphite plate set, and I use the softest/thinnest one and its still way too hard.

Yet another thing I just want to throw out on the table is that unless you have a screwdriver with a really thin neck/shaft the MZ353 is going to make screwing the motor wires into the body significantly harder. Just a heads up. The Screwdriver I use is fine, don't know how others might be. :shrug:

As for the other one you mentioned: the MZ313A. I don't have a hard copy of a GPM catalog, so I have to rely on these scans that I find online. I think the MZ313A still uses spacers, and doesn't have a slide adjustable mesh like the MZ013A and MZ013. That's just a guess though, I could be dead wrong. And as for compatibility with the MZ353, :( ? It Looks like it, but that never means much these days. My guess is yes. And as always, take it with a grain of salt.

I can't even tell the difference between some of the others... It appears that the MZ313BS? is an alloy high mount with a shock.

The MZ313CS? looks like a high mount as well.

The MZ113A looks like its got the slide adjustable gear mesh, but I don't know what the difference between it and the MZ013A and MZ013 would be.

If I were to give you any advice, It'd be to stick with setups that are compatible with X-speed/130 sized motors, because that way you have more options with Tamiya 4WD sized motors as well!

I thought the Torque Motor and 12T would be enough speed for me, but its quite torqueless on short tracks and indoors.

The treaded tires are pretty good I guess, as you read above, Russ says they're pretty soft, but I dont have anything else besides the stock kyosho tires to compare them to. And those blew... so the difference is night and day. I've run them probably 6-7 times outside for ~40 mins each time, and the tread is 80% gone in the back and 100% gone up front. (on concrete)

Though the tires still seem very grippy even though the tread is gone.

While I'm at it I might as well comment on that Al Tierod as well. Don't get it unless you get one that gives you toe in. There's really no benefit otherwise. IMO 1 or 2 would be perfect.

Also the steering knuckles. I wouldn't get them unless they gave you a few degrees of camber as well. I think 2 is good, but that's my guess.

And lastly MZ311 stabilizer set. I really didn't notice the difference. I'm not nearly as sensitive a driver though as some. Russ likes to tweak EVERYTHING, and I'm pretty laid back about it all. "So long as it runs" is pretty much how I feel about it.

I use the highest amount of anti-sway though, to minimize the tire scrubbing against the inside of the body when I turn hard (I have the Altezza body and GPM wide wheels/tires). I also use Kyosho hard springs, FYI.

Lemme know if I missed anything.

I'll copy this in an email to ya.

2001.12.17, 10:59 PM
actually, i fit my stock pinion onto my mz038 motor....had to do some drilling...but i got it to fit :D

2001.12.18, 04:16 AM
i got the stock pinion to fit on my gpm 038 motor as well... same thing... used a dremel to make the hole bigger (tried it in the bigger pinions 8 and 9 T) , and shaved off some of the base as well... you have to be carefull not to make the hole too big, as it may not hold the shaft of your motor. :D

2001.12.18, 09:48 PM
Originally posted by scsi
actually, i fit my stock pinion onto my mz038 motor....had to do some drilling...but i got it to fit :D

well **** me in the goat ass...

I've gotta try that the first thing I do when I get back into town. Dammit I knew I shoulda brought my mini-Z with me on vacation, lol.

I tried using a normal drill with a really really small bit to drill out the hole in the pinion further, but it didn't come out straight and I ruined my 8T, so I figured I didn't wanna screw any of the rest of them up.

Thanks for the tip guys.

I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.

2001.12.18, 10:18 PM
ya i used the biggest bit that would fit and had 2 do some wiggling (the drill not me) :D

Ken Mifune
2001.12.19, 12:51 AM

I'll have to decline on your offer, but it's about time I ran into someone else with a goat ass.

2001.12.21, 03:14 PM
Originally posted by scsi
ya i used the biggest bit that would fit and had 2 do some wiggling (the drill not me) :D

I tried drilling out my 8T some and it came out crooked :mad: how do you ensure that you drill a straight hole?

2001.12.21, 03:31 PM
There's an old saying:

Measure twice and cut once. The same applies to drilling!

You can get a Dremel Drill Press set, it costs but is great for precision work. The dremel mounts in the press frame and it works like a miniturized version of the larger 'drill press' items you see in serious workshops.
A small vice helps a lot too, with a chuck/jaw width of 75mm (3.5") should suffice for most Mini-Z work. The small vices are great for bending stuff like aluminum plate and so on.

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