View Full Version : Ahh, the silence!

2002.09.09, 12:52 AM
I have found the U thingy and I put it back in, the motor runs!! but for some reason after oiling all the moving parts it bacame really really quiet, like the sound is muffled or something. Is this normal or what?

2002.09.09, 07:48 AM
its called a well oilled machine :)


2002.09.09, 07:51 AM
stealth Z!!


What was that???!?!? ... I don't know... it was like, l33t ninja styles...

2002.09.09, 02:57 PM
too quiet is possible, if the motor is getting hot easily as well... then there is probly too much gear friction, too close together etc... but its probly as it is supose to be.

2002.09.09, 03:25 PM
Why not use a belt? That would shut it up a bit...

2002.09.09, 10:47 PM
What moving parts did you oil? IMHO, you shouldn't oil anything in the motor can for fear of fouling the comm and brushes. Plus, oil and dirt combine to form a very efficient abrasive compound. One drop (applied from the outside) can be used on the end bell bushing though...