View Full Version : GL Racing Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan

2021.09.22, 10:15 PM
Anyone have experience with these? They're look great but on the fence because they're unlicensed and pretty spendy at that as well.

2021.09.23, 01:19 AM
I have two of the Huracans (orange/green and yellow/black) and three of the Ferraris(red, black, and white with red and blue). Quality is decent. If typical Autoscale is a 100, these are 85-90. I've heard the blue Huracan should be avoided, poor quality decal wrap. That's the one I don't have.

I haven't driven any of them yet. Also, they only come with show wheels.

2021.09.23, 07:44 PM
I have them all. based on quality, no they are not worth the $70 price tag. Are you in the market for +3/+3 Huracan? Then you really have no other choice. Are you in the market for +3/+3 Ferrari? Then you really have no other choice. I bought them but i'm bitter about it and completely honest about that.

The plastic mold is not as sharp and crisp as Kyosho or the prior R8 from GL. The decals are not perfect. Certainly not Autoscale quality. it's not much to complain about and from a 12" away, you can't tell. Yes, the 488 wheel arches are larger than needed but not a deal breaker in my opinion.

2021.09.25, 04:00 PM
Arch2b nailed it. Not worth $70, but what are ya gonna do if you need a wide offset 98mm GT car that isn't one of the usual suspects?

It's closer in feel to a really detailed lexan body, like some of the ones I've seen on 1/10 scale drift cars

2021.11.01, 08:53 AM
I like that they made some nice race-livery bodies that kyosho doesn't make, but the price was too much for me to pull the trigger. I came very close on the red Ferrari. I have a GL white body R8 that I will paint up at some point. I hope they release the other 2 in white body kits as well.

2021.12.30, 04:32 PM
What are the front and rear wheel offsets for the Ferrari and Lamborghini GL bodies on RWD chassis? I havenít tried GL bodies and wouldnít mind giving them a go since Kyosho isnít an option for these bodies.

2021.12.31, 12:08 PM
I run +2.5f/+3r and no issues at all on the 488. I suspect +3/+3 would be fine and fit both the 488 and Lambo.

2021.12.31, 04:18 PM
I run +2.5f/+3r and no issues at all on the 488. I suspect +3/+3 would be fine and fit both the 488 and Lambo.

Great! Appreciate the information ;)