View Full Version : Roll Shock Set, Main Shock set + graphite H bar

2001.12.18, 12:30 AM
Hey guys, hmm i got my roll shok set and main shok set and i installed them and also installed the h bar, well now that they are there it looks like the car is so stiff like if i press down on it with a finger the back doesnt even bend unless I do it hard, it seemed like when i had a factory plastic h bar and nothing else the car looked like it had a phat suspension which was ebnding and stuff, hmmmm? is it supposed to be like that
i am using graphite h bar the smallest one of 3
and medium stiffness springs in main shok set and roll shok set, ehh =(

if anybody needs a picture i'll take it


2001.12.18, 12:43 AM
That sounds normal, one thing you can do is check how much preload is on your rear damper spring. The roll shock springs don't do much, if anything at all for the up/down action of the rear wheels, or at least my roll shock set doesn't...all they do is pivot with the up/down motion.

What makes your rear the stiffest are the fiber H plates. It sounds normal though.


2001.12.18, 05:18 PM
Agreed Russ,

I got the Kyosho carbon-fibre H-plate and even the softest one makes the rear as rigid as a convent girl on a first date :D

It made quite a difference!


2001.12.18, 06:51 PM
thanks guys, hmm maybe i need to put the original plastic one back? and use it with the suspension? what does everybody else uses? and what will be a next upgrade that I should get? i know ball diff set i think, but whats good after?


2001.12.18, 07:35 PM
I loved my stock H bar, but they break quite easy I've found out, just like most everyone else!! hehe...

As for the next upgrade, I couldn't tell you which I would do, the XSpeed motor or Ball Diff. If your Z is fast enough for you, go for the differential. However, I would suggest having the ball diff before the XSpeed (although that's not the route I went :))


2001.12.18, 10:47 PM
i've read somewhere that x-speed doesn't give that much speed improvement and that there are other motors that are very powerfull..... any comment on that?

2001.12.18, 11:33 PM
Unistar, I would have to disagree with that, the X-Speed is a great motor all round. RE the H-bar, you may want to try the colored (non-CF) ones we have in the Shop, look for "TopCad Colored H-Plates (Soft, Medium, Hard) - 3 PCS" under "Suspension and Handling".