View Full Version : Miniz racing @ Riders Ypsilanti!

rc chuck
2001.11.07, 10:48 AM
We have had two official race nights already and things are looking good for racing at the Ypsi store! We did some 5 lap time trials last week and that was a blast! Jesse Beeker had the lowest 5 lap time: 29.30. I couldn't even touch that:mad:
When we watched him pull that 29 our faces were like:eek: (I really like playing with the funny faces:p )

Anyway, Hope to see everyone this Thursday at 6:00pm for some more mini fun!


2001.11.07, 10:57 AM
What car was he driving, the shop one?! I missed all that...

rc chuck
2001.11.07, 11:56 AM
Yeah, it was the stores white impreza. P.S. we have the front bumper/ body mount that goes to your camera car. It's at the store.

2001.11.07, 06:32 PM
Wow, it's stock, right? ('cept maybe foams in the rear?) Thanks for reminding me about the body plate, I totally forgot - thanks!

rc chuck
2001.11.08, 09:51 AM
I borrowed my buddies miniz to race tonight... It's on!!! His is completely stock. I added some custom made damper systems front and rear last night though. We'll see how it works out.:rolleyes:


2001.11.08, 10:44 AM
Cool! See you then!

2001.11.10, 11:55 PM
Wel I have accepted some part time work in the evening that may prevent me from attending our thursday evening sessions. The funds generated will directly benefit my racing budget however. Perhaps we should plan an alternate get together with perhaps my two favorite things mini-z's and Pizza (The really curly pepperonies could be turn markers....) (( Just Kidding!!!) This may be dificult cause its a buisy season, how about a monday evening??? seems every other evening has got SOMETHING lately

2001.11.11, 12:01 AM
Monday would be great; Thursday is the absolute worst night for me as I can't be there until after 7pm. Chuck, are we going to have F1 racing next time? I've been running mine around a bit and it's just amazing, I love it!

2001.11.11, 12:09 AM
Where is all this goin down?? Like, city & state? If it's not too far of a trip, which it probably is, I may have to try to make it out one time :) That way I can lay down the mad skills in person, instead of on downloaded video!


2001.11.11, 12:13 AM
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI; you're in GA, aren't you Russ?

2001.11.11, 12:16 AM
Yep....but one of my roommates lives in MI, I might ride home with him one time or something, but I knew it...that's definately a big trip.


2001.11.11, 12:22 AM
Well, that would be awesome if you could! As Ken mentioned, we're thinking about a "Mini-Zs 'til Midnight" event so maybe you'd be able to make it to that.

2001.11.11, 12:28 AM
I don't know when I'll be able to make it up, or even if I can at all. If I can, it won't be any time soon though..:( Darn Ga Tech takes your life away from you, too much to do. But don't get me wrong, if I had the time I'd drive up there in a flash, you guys are awesome!

Heh, Z's til midnight, eh?? I've pulled a few all-nighters myself, anywhere from the all-night teardown, clean, rebulid & drive, to walk around campus & drive the car as I walk ;) I prefer the latter, just so much fun and so much ground to cover!

Anyway, it's the girlfriend's birthday, so she's tellin me to get off the comp & re-join the party :)

see u guyz later

rc chuck
2001.11.12, 09:25 AM
Yeah... it's sweet. The F1 is really stable. It has quite a bit larger turn radius because of the longer chassis. Thats not bad, its just different than the miniz's. I think foams are going to be a real need for this platform. The grooves on the tires in real life are meant to take away traction unfortunately they are doing the same thing in our scale. Maybe when they get burned down to slicks they'll have more traction. I havn't found a surface yet that the F1 won't just spin the rears on with a full battery. Then again, real F1's are totally overpowered as well, that makes it pretty real to drive.

As my tag line suggests, I've already made some changes to the chassis. It's lighter, runs cooler, and has more damping. And I'm one more unwanted oversteer away from lathing the ribs off the tires.


2001.11.12, 12:58 PM
First we need a location for a monday I'm still needing a range around to move the photo computer/ scanner stuff out of the shop area so I could roll out the ozite. I think this may take me untill thanksgiving to do,(its not getting the stuf out ,its putting it somewhere else thats the problem) those ozite rolls are whispering race me every time I go by.

rc chuck
2001.11.12, 01:30 PM
I say we all meet at the fountain in Briarwood mall tonight and set up a track right there next Santa! How sweet would that be?!?!?!? We're bound to get at least 2 qualifiers in before mall security comes:rolleyes: Hey, there is a clubhouse at my apartment complex...


2001.11.18, 10:01 PM
hey, is there anyone who could sell or trade me a mainboard or a whole mini z? i have alot of good stuff for rc cars and computers.

rc chuck
2001.11.19, 09:55 AM
Hey David, our little F1 battle was really fun on thursday! Hope we can do it again soon.


2001.11.19, 10:05 AM
Yeah, it was awesome, I think we should keep them stock so it stays close like that. We should get some more F1s going too! Btw, you should post pics of your F1 mods you made!

rc chuck
2001.11.19, 10:28 AM
When you say stock you mean motor/speed control stuff right? I agree with that but I want to keep playing with the chassis to make it lighter and handle better. Thats where all of my fun comes from!:D I think I need some 'Sponsored by Dremel' stickers on my rc cars!


2001.11.19, 11:10 AM

2001.11.21, 08:17 AM
:p As i type I'm sitting at the edge of a 9x12 foot piece of ozite with pipe insulation "boards". i got it down last night after work and stayed up til midnight playing even ran the micro although its pretty tight.

2001.11.21, 08:56 AM
And the track will be ready for public consumption when? ;)

2001.11.21, 02:06 PM
Got to negotiate with the social director. Family tomorrow shop friday work saturday morning (at least) and see if anyone (1/10) is still in town on sunday? Maybe friday night but like i said I hav'nt brought this up yet. its my basement and competes with other stuff so at the moment there is not a lop of pit or standing space
I could see 6 crowded around to drive but pit for only two or three, Im still moving stuff to diferent locations and have to figure out where to put all the old wet-darkroom stuf so the digital darkroom can move. stay tuned for furthur developmemnts

2001.11.21, 02:32 PM
Let me know if you want me to come over and help test the track! :D

2001.11.26, 12:30 AM
So how does this ypsi. hobby shop run the races on thursdays?
Free? cost per race? how many racers are usualy there?
How are laps tallied? Basicly what am I to expect?

Any pics of this track online? If not, do they need some taken? ;)
And any one else want pics of their Z in .jpg form? ;)

If I show up, I plan on running stock motor.

2001.11.26, 02:17 PM
i will be there this thursday (29th) at 6:30-7:30

2001.11.26, 10:03 PM
;) I think i will edit this so my purpose isn't missunderstood (is that a real word? ) I'm building a track in my basement for mini-z's to share with a few friends. I don't intend for this to be a public track

2001.11.26, 10:30 PM
Awesome! :D

2001.11.26, 10:43 PM
no input eh?

rc chuck
2001.11.27, 09:12 AM
Dragonbreath- Bring it on. You want to race stock, we'll race you stock. Just come out, its not like there is other mini-z racing to go to somewhere else. The format is how fast can you do 5 laps on the track by yourself. See ya there.

Kenb- No one said your track was a public track we're all talking about Ypsi here.

Wo-jo- Riders opens for mini-z's @6 and ends when the store closes @8.

Later dudes. F1's rule.

2001.11.27, 11:12 AM
Racing alone?! thats no fun! reminds me of those video games you have to wait to take turns ;) - I hate those, but more so the ppl who have to wait for me to die to get their turn... I can play astroids on the same guy for over 12 hrs ;) hehehe..... dont ask how I know!

2001.11.27, 12:25 PM
Drac, we do have multicar madness too, come on over. I think the fastest track time was set on a stock car with foam tires so you'd stand a good chance. My car is so insanely fast I can't make it around 5 times without flipping after the straight...!

2001.11.27, 03:33 PM
I plan on it... might get there earlier just to get car ready and goof off on track etc.

Im glad there are multi car races, Cuz I got this vett body ready for bashing up ;).

With any luck my truck will be fixed by then and I wont have to borrow another car, or bum a ride. Gona be kinda a long drive, wont be that bad though. I have to convince the few riders shops up here to build tracks, heck I would build it let them use it.

I am still waiting for TWO! sources to get me a servo gear... just incase they dont... think they will have any at the shop? ;)

And incase they do.. any one need some? Im buying extras ;).

rc chuck
2001.11.27, 04:19 PM
We have a bunch right at the shop. Look no further.

2001.11.28, 01:59 AM
I guess no pics of the track online? If not... need some? I can bring digital cammera when I come. and then email, post them here. Same with pics of some of the racers cars.

How good is the trach any way? ;)

rc chuck
2001.11.28, 09:57 AM
We lay some foam pipe insulation out on the floor and call it a track. It isn't like those club tracks where there is scenery and painted roads with red and white checkered apex curbs or anything. Don't get your hopes up too high. We have fun though.

2001.11.28, 10:02 AM
I would rather have it on the floor, with carpet and things, rather then scenery any way... its what I was expecting, infact I would have been disapointed if it were one of the table top ones in the pics ;) usualy too cramped. My concern is how big it is and that its a bit more then an oval, at least a peanut shape would be nice. An oval is usualy kinda boring, I like to have to turn the wheel both ways ;). And small tracks just result in wall impacts ;).

2001.11.29, 08:51 PM
Well I drove down there was ok... track could be better ;) the tape was the annoying part. The primary result was I CANT DRIVE ;), and I need foam tires ;) The toy car tires I was using work great on tile cant slip etc... but they are so heavy the rotational mass reduces speed by 10-20%, I didnt think it would be that bad ;). I also put my stabalizer back in, it helped a bit too...

Next time you make the track, loop the tape around the pipe and flip the one side over so the part on the floor is on the OUT SIDE of the track. I kept sliding into the 2 pieces at end of straights, so did every one else. And the lack of traction when going over the flat parts of the tapes dont help any when its slick on one side and grippy on the other ;).

Oh well after a few laps, around the time they started taking down the track, I finaly got use to it ;), not bad for first track driving. And not to mention I having had my car running for like 6 months ;).

Hmm maybe if my GOOFY TRACK idea works, I will bring one down there and sell it to the hobby store or someting...

2001.12.03, 10:51 PM
CS electronics "SPACE CHARGER" with free included "SPACE GAME"???????? wheres the old 2000?

rc chuck
2001.12.04, 09:46 AM
I went to Schuy's site (www.racing-cars.com) and they have pics of the new CDA charger but I couldn't find any info on it. it looks like it's in the same red metal case that ours are in therefore it seems like it is the replacement for ours. Go to the electronics section of the site and you'll see a picture of it. Might try a google search on 'Schumacher CDA'


2001.12.04, 09:45 PM
hey guys... timed 5-laps at your track seems fun... but if your track big enough to allow a considerable amount of cars on it, why not just have races on it? (this is how we do it at our track...) we normally have 5 five minute heats dropping the worst 2 heats. and the guy with the most laps wins.

in determining how many laps you make in a heat, the track is divided into 10 equal parts (by approximation) and numbers (from .1 to .9) are taped to that section of the track.

you will be assigned a sticker with a number on it, and it should be a stuck to your car. you will have to assign two guys to look after how many laps each car makes. the first guy will call out your number everytime a car passes the starting line, and the second guy will write down the numbers (corresponding to the number of each car that passes the starting line). this is then tallied to determine how many laps each car made within the 5 min. period.

at the end of 5 min. everybody is supposed to stop thier car and
you're supposed to take note of the number you just passed. if they tally that you made 13 laps, and if you passed .4, that would mean you made 13.4 laps

the number by which you just passed is important since if two racers make 13 laps, it will be the decimal number (.1-.9) that will determine who made it the farthest...:D

as i said you would take out the worst two heats for each driver, and the driver with the most laps wins....:D

rc chuck
2001.12.05, 05:00 PM
That sounds really cool!!! Thanks Herman!

-Chuck H.

2001.12.05, 05:20 PM
i will be at riders again this thursday with my blue viper and the chrome rims!!!! i did the rims myself and i am pretty darn proud, but do we race or just drive aorund fer fun? I will bring fully charged batterys!

2001.12.05, 07:58 PM
wojo: it depends how many people and frequencies show up. We tend to just do laps together most of the time, with the occasional break for time trials. Chuck and I race our F1s, but other than that I don't think we've had an official multi-car race yet. But we can...!

2001.12.05, 08:58 PM
It was kinda just put yer car on the track and go when i was there, that wasnt my fault for just putting my car on the track and going was it? ;) hehe..... I wanted to see if it even worked ;)

I was also hopeing they stayed there after the store closed... was kinda bumbed to only get just over 1 hr in, if you ever do plan to stay late (as some other posts hinted too), maybe I will drive down again... now that I know how to get there I can probly get there faster ;). I would probly stay till 12:00 if I was allowed ;) hehe....

I got channel 3 (orange).. and hopefuly 5 as well soon ;).
Hmm I wonder if that building is thick enough to let us sneek the extra 6 Kyosho crystals in on a race ;)... just make sure we dont interupt CH. 9 on the CB. (can you obtain these Xtals Mini-Z?).

I still say to tape the track a bit different... so less slippery tape is actualy on the "road way" part of the floor. Its not like that much tape was holding it down any way, a few times my low nose corvette body was driving right under the tubes and off the track ;). A disadvantage to using round tubes I guess.. No wonder you didnt use half as many tubes, and cut them in half for more curbway ;).

I will bring some bottle caps next time I go down, we can add a slolum to the corse ;) and time ppl through that ;).

2001.12.05, 09:36 PM
Drac: not only can I get the other 6 channels, but I can get a total of 60 different frequencies that will work w/ the Mini-Z!

2001.12.05, 11:59 PM
With out alteration!? I would like to have an UNCOMMON frequency.... but a safe leagal one if there is one, I was going to collect all 12 freqs ;) hehe. Email me the price ;). Although chances are i cant afford even one ;).

Explain further about the other frequencies, maybe a new thread will be in order. In your SHOP forum or whatever you should start a thread on each part your selling, and go ahead and post the price, and just add comments replies to it if the price changes ;).

2001.12.06, 10:26 AM
Without alteration, they are just a lot closer together frequencies. I don't think I have your email address, email shop@mini-zracer.com for a quote. The reason we tend not to post prices for special items in the forums is that they could go up or down in the future or we could give someone a discount because of a larger volume, and then someone could find that old post and wonder why the price wasn't the same. Thanks!

rc chuck
2001.12.06, 11:06 AM
F1's are in at Riders and we have sold some already so there may be a bigger class of them tonight! F1's rule!!!


2001.12.07, 08:41 AM
Couldn't make it last night but my f1 is "under the tree". The mini-z says its narrow band, but we might find that with "in between" frequencies there might be unusable combination as the mini-z doesn't say its dual conversion, Im thinking of the "tetra" experience.

2001.12.26, 10:10 PM
the new f1 is SWEET

see ya thursday

ps temporarily standard wheels with large foam donuts work fine