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2002.09.14, 09:07 AM
Starting to get the noise on a stock motor can.

Is it a result of the bushing (that should be replaced with a BB) getting worn down? It only makes the sound when it's "spooling down", Never under acceleration.

I mean, it's no big issue because I have a spare motor, but I'd like to know if it could be solved by putting in BB's or something.

2002.09.14, 02:53 PM
It just may be solved, or rather relieved with a tiny drop of gun oil to each end of the motor.
I used to have the "squeal" in my 1st stock can. Replaced it with an X-speed and didn't think any more of it.
Just recently I needed a "stock" mini-z to race with obeesi & co. Just 2 drops of oil and it was as good as new. :)

2002.09.14, 06:53 PM
and while you're at it, give it a good spray of contact cleaner before the oil to clean out funk from the can. just remember to take out the motor. some contact cleaners eats plastic so be carefull:rolleyes:

2002.09.19, 06:46 PM

2002.09.20, 02:22 PM
Where do you get "motor cleaner"? Same as contact cleaner?



2002.09.20, 05:53 PM
Local Hobby stores. It may be called Plus 3 Electric Motor Cleaner. Contact Cleaner Works too.