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kOrEaN rAcEr8o8
2002.09.15, 02:33 AM
Does any1 noe where i can buy a mini-z at a good price on Oahu? hobby comany is 169.99 :o plze respond!

2002.09.17, 07:01 PM
kOrEaN rAcEr8o8,
I replied to your other thread, but you might want to check hyper sport racing, near compusa. They had a couple ready sets, but if you're looking for a specific one, the guy there said he can get it for you, you just have to let him know. I think the price was around $130 or so. They had a couple nsx in stock the last time i was there about a month ago. If you want it cheaper, you can try ordering from the online store, its free shipping for anything over $100. or you can try ebay, I got mine from ebay for about $110, from hong kong.

2003.03.10, 12:03 AM
What kind of prices does Toys-n-Joys have for mini-z's. Do they even carry them?

2003.03.10, 12:39 AM
Yeh, get one here...support the forum, it rocks! Shipping is suprisingly quick at minizracer. I can vouch for that! Hawaii is dang far tho, but I'd rather be there than here. It is -15F right NOW.

2003.03.10, 01:36 AM
Yeah I will more than likely buy one from here, these guys rock!!

Thanks Pianoman!

2003.03.10, 02:17 AM
Toy'n'Joys doesn't carry them. Well I don't think so. The only places I know of that carry them here in Hawaii are Hobby Co. in Pearl Ridge, and Hyper Sport Racing (the shop up stairs). Just order from here... If not, you can try ebay, but most sellers are from Hong Kong, and shipping is a bit costly... Support the forums

2003.03.10, 10:16 PM
FYI we just got a bunch of new ReadySets in: