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2002.09.16, 09:15 PM
i dont know whare to put this:::

can someone tell me all the auto scale bodys made including F1.
im trying to put together a racing leg set by raly, F1, lemans, and drifting leags ( hopefully the racing catagores). i think that this will help people set up cars for certan classis.

like rally cars are made for out of the corners and speed for outdoor type tracks. Lemans for fast almost oval racing. drifting for fast turning tracks and F1 for faster track racing.

of corse other cars can miss and mach but f1 is usualy to fast for alot of other cars, now in Lemans the F1's can also race but the other cars should have at least a turbo.

I need the car bodys names for a list im trying to put together for the type of sechon shold be in. thanx for your help.

2002.09.21, 05:56 PM
This thread should help: