View Full Version : Track size... not engough

2002.09.17, 11:57 AM
Bought materials and doing the prep work for the track in the basement..... I have to say, damn, wish I had more space. I'm building a 10' x 12' one and was buzzing around on the wood last night with the "ringer", and can say that this is definately not a suitable size for a "hot motor". What size tracks are you guys running mod motors on?? Do they have to be micro RS4 tracks to let these little guys stretch thier legs too???

2002.09.17, 02:39 PM
You'll soon find that is way to short of a track, unless you are geared down for it. I put up a quick track with about a 25 foot straightaway and it almost is just enough for my stock motored, stock geared miniz to get to full speed!!! 25 is really nice cause you can go pretty fast without hurting/breaking too many parts at the end of the straightaway! :p

2002.09.21, 12:27 PM
i'm making a nice little track in my basement too.. it's only 16'x7', using asphalt paper over particle board and a wood under frame. will be putting it over a small table and my ping pong table.
i know 16'x7' isn't that big, but it'll have to do :)