View Full Version : Z130-m-bb

2002.09.20, 02:08 AM
I just tested my M-BB today and all I can say is WTF.OMG..this thing is just what the Dr. told me I needed! Power on demand, power slides like I didn't think possible, and that was just the 9 T pinion.....I am dying to drill and tap some holes in the bugger so I can get a good meshing going with my 14 t pinion. Then, I am sure it will be rediculous. I gotta get some NiCD batts and see how it goes then. The magnets are so damn strong that everything iron based that was in the box with the motor is now magnetised! Now the car is going like Kyosho should be making it in the first place. Dying to race it now, I am frothing to show it off to unenlightened MiniZers now, cause the M-BB has FAR exceeded my expectations. Well done MZR!!:eek:

2002.09.21, 09:48 PM
Thanks Psyklops! Glad it's exceeding your expectations, and tell your Oz mates where you got it! :D