View Full Version : Grandcell batteries?

2001.12.18, 09:46 PM
Anyone know about Grandcell batteries? Supposidly they are Renewal clones but I can't find much info on the web.

Check ebay here (http://search-desc.*******om/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&query=grandcell&ht=1&st=2&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&srchdesc=y&BasicSearch=) for the auctions... they seem pretty cheap.


2001.12.18, 09:56 PM
We have the same stuff here in Canada called PureEnergy, Rayovac. These rechargeable don't work well for high current devices such as Digital Camera and Mini-Z motors. They have high internal resistance which mean their voltage drop significantly when connect to high current devices.

However, their work well for things that don't draw a lot of current, like the wireless mouse I'm using.... : )