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2002.09.21, 09:38 PM
Why is personal messaging disabled? I think its a great feature.

2002.09.21, 09:56 PM
I agree.

Any who support the motion to reinstate PM'ing, Post an "I agree" here.

2002.09.22, 12:05 AM
Also include why you agree, and why it's better than using email. :rolleyes:

2002.09.22, 12:08 AM
Its better because if for exaple I want to ask an admin if I can put something in my sig...it doesnt make too much sense using email.

2002.09.22, 12:26 AM
Um - why not?

2002.09.22, 01:00 AM
I dont know I guess that was pretty stupid.

My question: Since you took out those links that were in my sig before, can I put this exact thing in: "Torque: When you push down your erection and your feet fly out behind you."

Please please please

2002.09.22, 03:33 AM
I agree, If we can all pm each other it would be nice to chat in real time rather than a delay of what can be up to a few days!:D

2002.09.22, 05:56 AM
Just use AOL IM (the java one if your afraid to install the real one)

2002.09.29, 09:06 AM
We're adding real time chat soon, so that should satisfy your chat needs!

2002.09.29, 12:42 PM

2002.10.24, 10:27 AM
How long do you think it will be? I think the chat room will replace the message board (except for polls)! Why wait for an answer when you can get it immediately! Definitely put in the chat room, and possibly schedule official chat times.

2002.10.24, 12:10 PM
A chat room will definatly NOT replace a message board like this... we already hold live chats now and then usualy no one in the room... and when I invite ppl they are not interested in staying for more then 5 or 6 minutes... so it dies fast. I dont even think any one knows I have a link to chat room on my site.. heck even I aint been in there cuz I am sick of waiting for anyone to join it.

2002.10.24, 12:26 PM
Yeah I highly doubt any chat can replace this message board.
For reasons mentioned and when you think about it.. people are online at different times so certain people with the answers or info will not be around when you need them most.. etc etc.
In chat , some info can go unchecked and you may end up ripping apart your mini-z doing mad scientist stuff from a mere whim of someone who wouldnt even attempt the same thing on his or her own ride.. OK I think the point has been driven home... :rolleyes:

However realtime does have its fringe

2002.11.19, 07:51 PM
I'm all for PM as most of my time on the forums is done at work where I am unable to use any IM programs (not allowed to download such programs...instant dismissal).:(

2002.11.19, 08:26 PM
so you can't download any programs?



2002.11.19, 09:17 PM

I'm not sure I understand?:confused:

2002.11.19, 09:23 PM
The link is to a form of AOL Instant Messenger that does not require installation, its just a java applet... all you need to do is make a name and password and sign in. ;) the AOL chat rooms will then be joinable.

2002.11.19, 09:27 PM

So why was PM disabled anyway?

2002.11.19, 09:46 PM
Nope...not cool , unable to connect to server from my work computer... nearly downloaded AIM by accident too:mad:

Oh well , I guess I'm still for PM then.

2002.11.19, 10:28 PM
whats so bad about downlaoding AIM anyways... u can use AIM Express too!

2002.11.19, 11:29 PM
Like I said b4... I'm at work & we're not supposed to be using the internet for anything other than work:p
So downloading programs like AIM is forbidden:(

2002.11.20, 08:28 AM
Originally posted by Mystacool
So why was PM disabled anyway?

Admin said it was using up too much of the bandwidth and that email could easily be used for the same thing. To tell you the truth, I would rather read a bunch of different emails where I can sort them better than a bunch of private messages, cuz you have to go through 2 or 3 different delete processes to get it to tell you that you have 0 read & 0 new messages :)