View Full Version : yesss!!!!!

2002.09.22, 12:15 AM
after 1.5 days of hard work in my basement, i've finally finished building the foundation for my track :)

now i just have to design a track

2002.09.22, 12:25 AM
Looks good! Keep us posted on your progress!

The Thunderer
2002.09.22, 12:54 AM
Wow, that looks very kewl! Please do take pictures of your progress!

2002.09.22, 05:07 AM
Sweet as a nut!
Is it a resurfaced tennis Table?
If so , can you fold and store it?

2002.09.25, 03:38 PM
sweet let see more pics!!!!!

2002.09.27, 12:28 AM
the surface is asphalt paper used for doing roofing.
i used the same tar paste that they use for roofing to stick the asphalt on particle board -- which in turn are supported by a 2x2 and 2x4 grid. the whole thing can be propped up against my wall for semi-storage

it's actually being propped up by a tennis table and a smaller adjustable table. (it's much bigger than a tennis table)


2002.09.27, 08:08 AM
Oh please do tell..
How big is it? :)
I've been looking at the tennis table in the "club room" of my appartment building, it's unused... :)

Dutch Mini Racer
2002.10.17, 11:55 AM
take it at night and nobody wil notice :D ;)