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Ken Mifune
2002.09.28, 05:10 PM
Now don't laugh...
I found a very crappy pic from about two years.
It's not really a track (kind of a figure 8), but it was fun as hell.

If you can actually make out what's in the photo, it was made out of matte board.

btw: In a different configuration, we were jumping twice that distance with stock Zs..

Ken Mifune
2002.09.28, 05:19 PM
Here's the other crappy pic showing a lower bank.
What's not shown are the quarter pipes for going up on the couch.
Ugly but fun!

2002.09.28, 05:32 PM
Ken, I hope you'll give those mini-z's a dignified funeral when your finished with them :D Jumping with my loved mini-z in a ramp is not one of the first thing I'll do... ;)


Initial D
2002.09.28, 09:51 PM
total awesomeness! however, as of now, i'm too scared to go bashing around with my z. nice carpet!

Ken Mifune
2002.09.29, 03:19 AM
That was two years ago. Both Zs are still in great shape today.
Broken H-plates; motor clips; servo gears; antennas are unrelated to ramp racing.

Initial D,
Oddly enough, that carpet is a great surface for Zs. (super dense, short nap.)
The matte board offers descent grip too.

[edit] Start off small with ramps. A landing ramp is a must. Your Z will encounter no more than normal racing damage.

2002.09.29, 03:55 AM
Originally posted by Ken Mifune
...That was two years ago. ....

:o Ooopss! Didn't see "that"... :o