View Full Version : Is this true about the DTM

2002.10.01, 10:18 AM
Will this thing Destroy any Mini-Rc out there????

Mini Rc Rankings

1. DTM

2 Micro-rs

3. Mid 24

4 mini-z

This is what I'm gathering

2002.10.01, 05:38 PM
It definately doesn't destroy the Micro RS4. A guy had one at the track one day and it was not nearly close to as fast as the Micros. And that's before everyone had Speed 300 motors in their Micros. He even got schooled by the guy with the Tamtech 1/24 car.

2002.10.01, 05:59 PM
tamtech o\/\/nZ j00. 0Ld 5k00L r3p|2r3s3/\/t!!!

NOTE: The only way a DTM will school the Micro RS4 is if it's NML's DTM... 56 mph baby!