View Full Version : Anyone in Nor Cal/SF/Sac

2001.12.20, 12:40 PM
I'm from Davis, which is 15 mins south of Sacramento
anyone from nor cal around sac or sf??

2001.12.20, 01:15 PM
Oaktown! Wow, are there any Mini-Z tracks up there around Davis? I have to go to San Jose to race, and that's not as far as Davis.

2001.12.20, 01:46 PM
There's races at SJ? I can't find a place to race in Sac/Davis. I'm about 1hr drive to oakland:cool:

2001.12.20, 05:12 PM
Yeah, we race at HobbyWorld in San Jo. Check at rcracing.com message boards for details. But that's a long way to go. It's an hour from Davis to Oakland and another 45 mins/an hour to San Jose from there.

2001.12.21, 03:01 AM
do they race mini z there too? I think i know what hobby shop you're talking about...i never been there cuz its way too far:(

2001.12.21, 09:29 AM
Yeah. It is far, maybe you could ask the guy that runs the Micro RS4 track at SpeedWorld in Roseville to start a Mini-Z class. Or you could modify it so that your Z runs on a 1/10 motor and race in the Micro races :D

2001.12.21, 12:43 PM
is that even possible to put a 1/10 motor?