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2001.12.20, 12:58 PM
Who's here from South Florida? I know Kinesthesia is in Boca but who else? I'd like to meet up with some people at one of the tracks down here possibly this weekend if last minute christmas shopping (or shoppers) doesn't kill me first. Maybe I'll put around the track with my Bit Charge if my Z doesn't get here by Friday.

Drove home from work last night and some dumbass managed to put his car into a fence at one of the apartment complex's near mine. Don't know how he did it.. 30 feet after the intersection there was a car 20 feet off the road, through the fence, in the bushes and almost into the complex parking lot where no enterance to it was! There is almost no (sane) reason you should be going so fast through that intersection that would cause you to do that. Oh well, it is very close to the mall..


2002.01.14, 03:46 PM
im in coral springs

2002.01.14, 04:09 PM
That's pretty cool! I'm in coral springs as well! Where do you race your Z? I go to Monster in deerfield at least once a week.


2002.01.17, 09:55 AM
Im gonna try and make it out to monster tonight but I gotta see how my schedule goes. I just got an xspeed motor and still have the stock rubber tires(waiting on my foam tires to come in) so I cant get much traction, I might just wait. I'll be racing probably on friday at "go racing" at oakland and 441 and then probably be out at "The Pits" on sat sometime. If you wanna meet up man lemme know, If I go out to monster hobbies, look for the red porsche with the messed up graphics and the yellow civic hatchback wth the body kit mini-z.


2002.01.17, 10:02 AM
Ok, hopefully my parts arrive today so I can firm up my suspension a bit.. I'll be driving the assed out looking white WRX with the mini-zracing.com windshield banner.


2002.01.17, 08:55 PM
Jeff, I didn't know you had made decals - let's see them!

2003.06.20, 10:33 PM
I live in Weston. It's near fort laudardale. I fool around at the track in Go Racing Hobbies. I don't race though, I crash too much

2003.06.28, 12:36 PM
Anyone in the Naples Ft. Myers area?

2004.09.30, 09:17 AM
Anyone in the Naples Ft. Myers area?
In Naples, we have a group that races every Wed. nite, or as agreed. We race indoors, on carpet, good group. Give me a call 239-825-1973 Jim

2005.01.08, 06:42 PM
anyone near new port richey?