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2002.10.02, 04:12 PM
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2002.10.02, 05:19 PM
Ooooh, coolies! *downloading*

More, more MORE!

2002.10.02, 05:31 PM
After watching, I gotta ask what were the stats of the 2 cars running... and who was driving the other car? (I hope it was you, Pitzon who was driving the silverish one)

2002.10.02, 05:41 PM
Yes ofcourse i drove the silverish one :D Maybe i should have announced that when i posted it :D Itīs a clk buy the way

Canīt take any responsibilites of what that guy with the red GT3 was doing :D

*Dont know what "stats" means but i have a GPM Turbo and on that training i ran my "PN-Motor" in my car.. 4 cells and so on..

The "Red dude" i have no clue, i think he used x-speed in his but i dont know more.. Maybe should train with the stock one for a while :D

2002.10.02, 07:00 PM

You were even drifting a bit through some of the corners... What's the track setup?

Do you have any IM programs? I've got AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ, etc...

2002.10.03, 01:24 AM
The track are made of some kind of carpet, not that insane grip but it feels little "slower" than painted particleboard... I used GPM semiwide rears and clk front-rims with 30 slicks up front..

*Yes i have icq, just check my profile and you find it :D

2002.10.04, 02:31 AM
No one else like movies? :rolleyes:

2002.10.04, 08:36 AM
Let's see now.. it's downloading.
Nice track, cool driving... I want a track like that ! :D

2002.10.06, 01:21 PM
Originally posted by PITZON
No one else like movies? :rolleyes:

PITZON, I love it, thanks for sharing!

2002.10.06, 04:54 PM
Thanks dudes! Well i will try to get more movies later on in some races.. We were at a competition today but my friend forgot the camera :(

But i think movies are fun :D

2002.10.06, 06:38 PM
I'm considering debbling in a refurbished Mini-DV camera... about 300$ USD. The bonus is that I'd be able to post fun videos. The downside is that i'd be broke.

2002.10.16, 05:33 PM
Well movies are fun i think so the more the better :D

2002.10.16, 06:29 PM
Envy!! It's the only word that describes it!

Don't you ever bang the boards or miss an apex? Some really serious control....and an indoor track!!

Great driving!!

2002.10.18, 11:16 AM
Thanks, well i dont see myself as such a good driver but im starting to get hang of it now.. Training and tuning makes progress..

Glad you liked it Damzer

2002.10.18, 09:28 PM
what kind of people doesn't like movies?

2002.10.21, 01:02 PM
I can't get it to open. Says it is not a valid zip archive. Help please

2002.10.21, 01:37 PM
Thats strange... You must use Quicktime for that movie i think.. But the download works?

2002.10.21, 04:52 PM
:eek: :eek: :eek: im royally screwed if i ever have to race you (yes, royally):p you just busted me back down to a stocker.

2002.10.25, 12:35 AM
wow, Pitzon.....As always I'm very impressed....:) :eek:

2003.01.30, 04:02 PM
Pitzon, I cant get it to download either. It will start to download from the site and then say its done when nothin even comes up.
I dont get it?

2003.01.30, 04:46 PM
I did get it to work. You do need quicktime.

2003.01.30, 05:38 PM
does anyone have any mediaplayer movies?

2003.01.30, 06:30 PM
Go to the videos section of the forum

2003.01.31, 11:50 AM
This video is now in the "Video" section..