View Full Version : Clear chassis Parts

2001.12.21, 01:21 PM
Are the clear chassis parts any better than the stock black ones?

I heard that they are a bit stronger than and lighter in wieght stock, is that true?

is there any real advantages to having one of these?

2001.12.21, 02:53 PM
I see no advantage, if you were a blind racer you would never notice the difference...

but I do see a disadvantage, a lot of ppl that have switched to a new/different chassis... have broken wires on their circuit board.

2001.12.21, 03:18 PM
I have a replacement chassis which I havent used as I have not and probably never will break the standard chassis. It is no different to the standard chassis except for the colour.

I see a few members talking about weight reduction on Mini-Z's. Scan through the forums and you'll discover that most serious racers add weight to their Mini-Z's. The reasons are abovious - balance and grip!