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2002.10.09, 03:36 AM
Anyone in the SF Bay Area want to come out and practice and/or informally race at HobbyTown in San Carlos? It would be this Thursday at 6 PM. (that would Oct 10 - sorry for the short notice).

I hope to do this every Thurs, (or whatever works best for the group). I'm trying to organize a program with my friend from work. Right now there is a small track upstairs from the shop. we want to put in a bigger one, get the transponders, etc.

Come on out and check it out!

-Rich C

2002.10.09, 08:15 AM
Is this just a one week thing or wil it go on regularly? Cuz this Thusday is bad for me but next Thursday is my birthday, there's no school and I'm getting a new Mini-Z! Lemme know.

2002.10.09, 12:41 PM
I'm hoping to do this every Thursday. I will post here to keep everyone informed of the current schedule.

Sorry you can't make it this week, hope to see you on the 17th!

2002.10.14, 05:33 PM
No racing scheduled at HobbyTown in San Carlos this week. I'm hoping to work with the owner to stay open later than 7 PM. Until then, I'm not going to schedule anything just yet.

Email me if you are interested in having an indoor MiniZ/Micro track in the aera between San Mateo and Redwood City.

Hobbytown seems ideal, if there's enough interest I'm sure arrangements could be made. After that, a bigger track can be built than the little one that's up there now, with a lap counting system and everything :cool: :cool:

In the meantime, I had a blast running my Mini-Z at the MZR track in Union City. Lots of fun and great people there.


Rich C

2002.10.14, 09:11 PM
Can you let me know where's the track in Union City?

2002.10.14, 10:05 PM
Union City Auto Body/*******.com
1250 Pacific Av, Union City