View Full Version : Silly Motor & Is there a way to clean off magnet wire insolation easy?

2002.10.10, 07:54 PM
Heres my non working silly motor prototype ;)

11t 7w 34gauge ;) -- i would it very fast and sloppily just to see what would fit... as for the 7wind... I twisted some wire together to make it easier to wind. :)


Now if I had a way to clean off the insolation realy easy like chemical or someting? I would test the amps it draws.. after I rewind it a bit more tidy. Any ideas?

2002.10.10, 08:30 PM
Do you think to use it in your Z? Sure to burn your PCB even thos you stack several layers of FET.

2002.10.10, 08:34 PM
Yea it will fry... its more of an expirement...

Ken Mifune
2002.10.10, 10:22 PM
I think twisting it will hinder the performance. It's almost like winding with standed wire instead of solid. Have you run it yet?
Let us know the results.

re: wire coating. I've been scraping it off. Some said they burn it off with the soldering iron.

2002.10.11, 01:24 AM
Twisting should help the capacitance, assuming u want it ;) hehe we probly dont...

Any way, after rewinding it to someting more like 12t 7w... and soldering it together, I hooked it up to 4 AAA and it spun so fast the bushing (not bearing) was sparking hehehe -- well after making sure that was on straight ;) I then spun it again, with my neo.. and it destroyed itself :) the wire centrifugaly came off the armature (my poor winding job) (I didnt use the carbon brushes I should have been using so the wires were getting very hot, the motor itself did not have time to get warm so I dont know... destroyed it before i could test the amps..

But wow, the thing was spinning with a RPM rev very high... it was insane... I WANT MORE :) gota start over cuz it trashed my wire hehehehe...

2002.10.11, 03:23 PM
RE: removing the insulation. When I'm winding an armature, I wind the wire on the comm clips until I've finished the wind, then I pull it down off the clip slightly between the cores. If you hold just the tip of the wire (where it contacts the clip) in the flame of a cigarette lighter for a second, it will burn/melt the insulation off. Careful though!


2002.11.07, 01:02 AM
Drac As I posted in the other thread on stripping motor wire, I have found wet/dry 400 grit is fine. You could probably go finer but I have found it to work fine. Just fold a bit in half and use the edge. Keep it accurate this way. only thing is you of course have to rotate the wire or move the s/paper around the wire. I find that a mini bench vice helps....so you can keep the wind tight and remove as much enamel as you need, then clamp/solder it onto the comm tab. I would love to know how the experts do it, in particular one highly skilled individual..I need not mention a name:D :D ;)

2002.11.07, 02:06 PM
I usualy use a razor edge and scrape it off... I was just asking for other ways for the said motor in first post... the wire was twisted so sand paper and razor were out, if I wanted to bare ALL of the wires... the burning it off wound up being the way i did it... im just glad the plastics on the armature are heat tollerant :). I dont like the way it burnt off though, it sort of left residue... any way my twisty wire concept was scraped, worked good but too bulky... better to just hold the 2 wires while winding...