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2002.10.16, 04:54 AM
Selling a complete mini Z with 1 fried FET (just the forward one). Fit a new Fet or just put a turbo and u are ready to go.
I have pictures of all the pieces and this "kit" includes radio.
I'm from Portugal, Europe and i can send pictures to those who are interested in this good deal.
Selling for the best offer.
thank you


2002.10.16, 07:30 AM
I hate to tell you this, but if you have a fried FET, a turbo isn't going to fix it. It acts as a relay, taking the signal from the motor leads, and if one doesn't give a signal, then the motor still won't get any power, turbo or not.

2002.10.16, 10:28 AM
i thought a turbo would override the 2 fets on the pcb..

2002.10.16, 11:02 AM
How does the turbo know when to send power to the motor? From the original motor leads. That's why every turbo has 2 wires that screw down to the ESC in place of the old motor wires. A turbo will stop the original FETs from frying in the first place, but if a FET is burned, that corresponding motor lead will be dead... so it will not send any signal, and the turbo won't send any signal.

Ken Mifune
2002.10.16, 06:27 PM
I was under the impression that the FETs are dual channel.
They both handle forward and reverse. If this is the case,
both of War Master's FETs are half-fried.

2002.10.16, 07:03 PM
both of War Master's FETs are half-fried

I think you are wrong because the mini z still moves backwards.

2002.10.16, 07:25 PM
hey W4R... these guys know what there talkin bout.. argue all u want i am jsut saying..............

2002.11.06, 09:22 PM
I was under the impression that the FETs are dual channel.

Ken , I actually thought that one FET handled the reverse and one forward , so if one was fried the car would only move in one direction. I currently have this problem , so does that mean I need to replace both stock FET's on my ESC?:confused: