View Full Version : what to do with 10 mins

2002.10.21, 07:48 PM
got tired of not having a track....:p

yes, thats the front airdam from my truck...

2002.10.25, 10:37 PM
so are you saying that you removed the front air-dam from your truck just to complete your track?!! hehehe:D :D :D J/K

2002.10.25, 11:06 PM
haha, its a good thing its ugly and i had already removed it, cause i probably would have taken it off.:p

2002.10.26, 10:52 AM
Surely you had a hose laying round? ;) accidently put a hole in it so you need a new one, and have an extra ;) hehahaha...

Like I said justenough room for a peanut shaped track, or oval ;)

2002.10.26, 03:30 PM
drac, thats about a fifth of the space i have. the only problem is that theres normally a yukon parked there. (a big un, not mine)