View Full Version : Just another track sketch... (6) 4x8 board size

2002.10.25, 01:44 AM

This might be the track I wind up making... not sure yet though might try to use up the wasted parking and green zone as actual track a bit more ;) -- its my first concept of staggering the wooden boards tomake the track...

Might Build this smaller one first ;)


2002.10.25, 08:53 PM
drac, i like that. can you put the outlines of the plywood sheets over the image so we can see how its layed out? also, how wide are the lanes?

2002.11.11, 02:04 PM

2002.11.11, 02:26 PM
Eh... Ill get a similar photo of the cad version.. in a second... i would also like to point out that some how between editing the cad version and making the bit map version it went from 6 boards to 5 :) so it should be called (5)4'x8' boards, knowing that should make it easier to see the layout... less seams over the tracks etc...