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2002.10.29, 11:19 PM
Okay, so you won't really win anything for naming the next contest, but - after the current contest is up, what new contest should we have? Ideas?

Ken Mifune
2002.10.30, 12:04 AM
What is the current contest?
Maybe the next contest should be Mini-Z pic submissions for the back of the T-shirt. Custom, Stock, Decal, etc. categories? It's just an idea since people seem to be asking about the shirt.

Ken Mifune
2002.10.30, 12:21 AM
How about an action pic contest? Wheelies, ramps/jumps, crashes, oddball stunts (rockets; gliders; etc.), long or multi-exposure (lights optional), fire/water tricks, team stunts...
It's endless.
Raw shots. No doctoring of images.

or we could all submit Mini-Z poems. (Dave or the RC car);)

2002.10.30, 12:41 AM
or we could all submit Mini-Z poems. (Dave or the RC car)

LOL I like that! Anyone who doesn't have an idea for the contest - at least post a poem or haiku to this thread!

RE action shots - we might be doing an action video contest on TRC, perhaps we could merge the two - do most people have access to the nec. equipment (even if just cheap web cam)? With the TinyRC contest we're thinking two categories: one for best stunt(s) and one for best video production.

2002.10.30, 12:41 AM
drinking contest? hehehehehe:D :rolleyes: :D

2002.10.30, 03:09 AM
I like the T-shirt design thing from ken!

Most pizza consumed in a minute!

2002.10.30, 09:28 AM
How about a contest to see who knows what the current contest is!

2002.10.30, 11:19 AM
Ahem (clears throat):
A mini-haiku

Speedy Mini-Z,
Small, Yet Perfectly Formed.
Real Quick on Ozite.

Thank You......

2002.10.30, 11:51 AM
Just to add to the mix....

A name that Z contest. This can be a quick first come first serve contest with no Drama.. ie no photo shop here.

Mr. Mini-z can collect pics from the past that members have submitted be it customs or not, but with a Kyosho mini-z chassis. He can pull from the archives. Anyrate the idea would be to have a list of pictures and you have to identify whose mini-z it is... "Originaly" - for example if one member sold it or traded it to another member.


spinning 1/24 F360
high speed ,tight corner
broken H plate

2002.10.30, 01:10 PM
a drift contest, submit videos of some hot drifting action:p

Ken Mifune
2002.10.30, 01:11 PM

Let's make it more challenging and call it...
"Name that Bone Stock CLK"
There are plenty pics of that.

2002.10.30, 01:48 PM

Ok but you get to be the judge Ken ! ;) :D

an attachment to click
mini-z excitement , the anticipation
click ! It opens
Bone Stock CLK
umm.. well.. cool !?!
hey.. theres another attachment !

original Haiku by ZGDR

2002.10.30, 02:56 PM
Some one make a flash program for a Pin the Spoiler on the Mini-Z. you get a black window, and a invisible mouse cursor ;) guess were the spoiler goes correctly on various random photos ;)and u win ...

2002.10.30, 05:30 PM
Originally posted by Kid_CojoneZ
Ahem (clears throat):
A mini-haiku

Maybe you should have written a limerick :D

2002.10.30, 06:00 PM
I think the action pic/vid contest would be way cool. I don't nkow if it would be for everyone cuz some people can't afford to fix some of their broken parts if something bad happens... but I'm sure we would see some WILD stuff though!!

2002.10.30, 09:07 PM
Great ideas and verse guys! Keep it coming! :D

2002.10.30, 10:45 PM
Maybe you should have written a limerick :D

Six inches long, and three wide,
My mini-z shoots off in a glide,
so speedy and small,
f***, i've hit the wall,
lucky its not damaged, or i woulda cried

hehe, crap, i know

2002.10.31, 03:05 PM
Originally posted by Rick
Maybe you should have written a limerick :D

I thought that would be too obvious, but what the hell...

There once was young man named Cian,
Whose Z was incredibally lean.
But without traction control,
His Z, it did roll,
And left tyre marks where it'd been!!

<note to self: no more coffee>

Ken Mifune
2002.10.31, 05:47 PM
Here's a poem called...

Nice FETs. She's stacked.

Her name is Honda,
she's always topless.
With a tight rear end,
she's really quite hop-less.

We'll make a nice pair,
wow! such a hot bod.
I'll drive her straight
with my toe-in rod.

We'll cruise thru the town,
and race in the malls.
I'll give her religion,
with my gritty diff balls.

2002.10.31, 09:00 PM
Originally posted by Ken Mifune
Here's a poem called...

Nice FETs. She's stacked.

LOL! For some reason the lyrics seem to fit to Copa Cobana?! (sp?) :D

2002.11.01, 07:26 AM

2002.11.02, 01:20 AM
I will type this while I am tired.. (read while it still sounds like a good idea).

A mini-Z theme xmas tree, a small tree of course, thus a Mini-Tree ;) with all Mini-Z parts broken or new.. in box or not.. hanging from it... :) the LED kit as lights.. etc.. hehe.

2002.11.03, 03:08 AM
going on from dracs idea, how about a christmas themed Z?

either using the computer, draw it by hand then scan it in, or do it for real, come up with a christmas style paintjob.

2002.11.03, 07:15 AM
Wow, so many ideas..

How about a Mini-Z Christmas card?
LOL! Imagine a Mini-Z with those fake antlers that people put on their dogs.. :D
Could be a Mini-Z pulling a sleigh?

2002.11.09, 07:16 PM
Not sure where we are with this.. so food for thought -

1) Caption... this is not original thought but may work. Mr Mini-z can post a picture and we have to come up with the best caption for the pic...

2) or.. best story using members from this board. Or best comic strip...

3) or .. you know you are a mini-z newb when.... or something related like mini-z jokes


" wheres my batteries... I have no batteries for my mini-z.. there you go.. yeah.. YO YO.."
"now i would never diss my mini just to get recognition.. take a second to listen to what RC you think I am driving...but put yourself in my position try to invision witnessing your friend driving a mini-z in the kitchen , bitching that this stock peice of "shoe" is too slow and just slipping.. hitting wall after wall . no range and always glitching.. victim of Bone-Stock syndrom, my whole life I was made to believe that an x-speed was cool when it wasnt - till NML hooked it up now I'm hopped up makes you sick to your stomache doesn't it? Im sorry Kyosho... I didnt mean to buy that trash, I didnt mean to send you cash, but I did and it was cleaning out my wallet.."

EDIT: 4) Best mini-z slang.. I think someone coined Zunday and Mini-diZeez and someothers I cannot think of right now...

2002.11.09, 09:45 PM
Crash videos.
We've had some doozies, and in fact we were discussing just the other day, how it might be cool to set up my cam on it's tripod and shoot the sections of the track where crack-ups happen most.
After a few days, a fairly exciting video could be edited together.

Well, I'm going to do it anyway, but a contest would be cool, too.

Disclaimer: I am IN NO WAY suggesting anyone wreck their Z on purpose!