View Full Version : Mini-ZRacer auctions

2002.10.31, 12:32 PM
Mr. Mini-Z...

Something I think about and hope you can consider.
I think its cool that you host auctions. Won a few actually and satisfied.

How about this though... You can offer a special treat and most likely bring in some nice $$.

Now I have to assume that you are running low on the
"ultra rare" K.I.T.T cars ;) ;)

So how about building a super fast high performance mini-z and auction it. Anything goes but example: a mini-z that has one of your motors in it, maybe a fet mod. Maybe RTR with ball diffs and bearings.. I dont know but you probably get the point. And in mini-zracer tradition.. no reserve (dont worry about that though)
Maybe something simple , just one of your custom motors and appropriate suspension hop ups....

With your connections I am sure this can be worth it... FOOD FOR THOUGHT


2002.10.31, 07:39 PM
Cool idea - like a Ready to Race Z? Sounds like a great idea! Btw, anyone interested in something like this that doesn't want to wait for an auction, just email us and we can put something like this together for you.