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2002.10.31, 07:18 PM
Here are some pix of my latest project.

2002.10.31, 07:20 PM

2002.10.31, 07:20 PM
more still....

2002.10.31, 07:21 PM
another one

2002.10.31, 07:22 PM
last one

2002.10.31, 08:39 PM
Excellent job Breeze!

2002.11.01, 12:03 PM
Thanx mini-z man

2002.11.21, 07:17 PM
Nice. Does Squat lexan body come with decals such as headlights, windows and front intake vents etc...? If not, you can make them on your own computer through a proper software and image files. :) Or if you have other lexan body decals, you could scan them into your computer as well. Then, you can print them on a sheet of clear vinyl decals.

2002.11.21, 07:33 PM
Breeze, would you like for one of those pictures to be displayed in the "Parts In Use" gallery to represent the Squat F40 body?

I'd like to use f40-4.jpg if you don't mind :)

2002.11.21, 08:07 PM
Thanx Guys,
Russ-You can use the pic. After the 1st LA mini-z GTG, that body
was really scuffed up from some good hits to the rails. Ha Ha
I'll post some pics later.
Urq man --no doesn't come w/decals

2002.11.21, 11:46 PM
Hey. How's your ABC supra project going? I got the same body and R33LM body for my DTM X4. I just wonder how's supra on mini-z. I use it on my M24-Mid instead of mini-z.

2002.11.22, 12:00 PM
Supra Project
The Supra is done. I bought the long squat axle, so the rear track
is ok. Now I need to find a way to widen the front track to make it look right. Any ideas?

2002.11.22, 04:43 PM
Breeze....I have a plan....go to a nut and bolt shop....a proper one, not a hardware store, and get some 2 mm bolts that are the length you require, and then use spacers to push the wheels out. Having the longer axle/bolt will ensure that there is adequate room for the lock nut, and spacers to get the wheels further apart from each other...I plan on doing this with a Tamiya F40 model (I got it B4 the Mini Z F40 came out...I may as well use it;)

2002.11.22, 04:46 PM
Thanx Psyklops,
Thats a Great idea!

2002.11.22, 04:50 PM
Breeze, no problem...and thanks for the compliment!!:) :cool: :D

make sure you post pics when done! I was thinking the original wheel bushes could act like the perfect spacers.....saves having to get new washers;)